Harry Styles - Love Story

It's a story my friend wrote to me. :)
Would like to share it with you, write what you think <3
It's about Harry Styles from 1D!;)


2. The number


The day is today, the day where you were going to meet Harry and the rest of the boys! You were going the signing and the concert with you best friend Julie. Her favourite was Niall. Your mom was driving you, sweet mom! You and Julie had been on a huge shopping day, and bough the perfect clothes, your hair was curled, and your makeup was fixed. Harry HAD to notice you! Ding dong, the doorbell went of, it was Julie. She looked very beautiful in her red dress. You were wearing a blazer, shorts, and a pair of high heals in navy. You couldn’t wait! “Moooom!” You called, “Yes, honey?” “Hurry!” you said upset. “I’m almost done!” Julie laughed a bit. Oh! Suddenly you were heading Copenhagen, heading One Direction. When you arrived, you saw a massive girls screaming around the big black building. You sigh and opened the car door, looking at Julie. She seemed upset too, why couldn’t those girls just go away? Harry was yours! No one could ever touch him. You hugged you mom bye and she left. “Uhm, shouldn’t we go inside Sandie? Its cold!” Julie asked. She shook. “Yeah, of course…” You bunch oh girls and sighed loudly. You placed the back the queue. And waited… About 2 hours later in the queue, they arrived. All the girls were screaming, except you and Julie. They got out of the car and walked into the building. Then another half hour past by, and they stared open the doors. You were almost in the back of the queue. If your mom just hurried a bit, you would have been much closer. Its was 3 o’clock a you were five meters away from them. You were just staring at Harry, he was so pretty, so adorable, so, so perfect! Then it was your turn, finally, the first one was Niall, he hugged you and gave you his autograph. Then Liam, Louis, Zayn, and last Harry, Harry Styles, you couldn’t describe your feelings right now. He smiled at you and you couldn’t take anymore. He hugged you and you felt something touch you pocked. Never mind, he still hugged you… it was very nice. The feeling there were running down you body was indescribable. He let go of you at kissed you cheek. “Bye babe…” “Bye Harry…” you stared at him, his beautiful eyes. Julie pulled you away. You called your mom she came and picked you up. You should pass Julie’s house before you drove home. arriving Julie’s house, “Bye sweety!” “Bye baby!” you hugged. Waving the last time to Julie, your mom lighted the car, and heading home. After dinner at home, you chanced to your sleepwear, and at little white paper felt out of your pocket. “Hey, uhm, I think you look very cute and id love to meet you again! Call me at 98 23 45 65 if you want to. x Harry”… You felt down on your knees and started cry… This was so, so, so unreal! Harry Styles… You hugged the paper and called the number… “Hey Harry, it’s the girl from the signing…” “Hey babe, clad you called!” He answered with a sexy deep voice.  
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