Harry Styles - Love Story

It's a story my friend wrote to me. :)
Would like to share it with you, write what you think <3
It's about Harry Styles from 1D!;)


3. The message from harry

You were almost dying inside! This was so amazing! “*giggle* uhm, why did you gave me your number`” You asked “I thought you looked really nice and very beautiful!” He answered softly. “Thanks... You to…” You said almost crying. “Hey, uhm, I was thinking about you wanna’ go out some day? We could go get an ice cream or something like that, go the a café?” “Yeah, I would love to!” You answered a little to quickly. “Okay, what time can I pick you up babe?” Omg! He called you ‘babe’, sooooo AWESOME!!! “Friday? How about at 6pm?” “Deal! Looking forward to see you again... But I have to go now, can I get your address?” He said with a happy and sweet voice. “Yeah sure! (Your address), looking forward to see you to” You said and giggled. “Okay, see ya’ beauty!” “Yea, see you!” He hung up and you screamed inside and ran outside, you lay down in the grass and laughed, hugged you phone and then kissed it. You couldn’t be happier right now! This was so unbelievable! You HAD to tell Julie. calling Julie, “Hey Sandie, whats up?” She asked. “You totally not gonna’ believe this! Its soooo AMAZING!” “Okaaay babe, what is it there is so amazing?” She laughed. “HARRY GAVE ME HIS NUMBER AND THEN I CALLED HIM, AND HE ASKED ME OUT!!!!!” You screamed so loud that your neighbour got a big chock. “SAY WHAT BITCH!?” She said very surprised. “Is this another sick joke Sandie?” She said a little annoyed. “No, Im so freaking serious!” You said, she had to believe you! “OMG!!! Can I come?” “Sure love! Hurry!” “Okay, see ya!” She hung up and you smiled, you were still wondering why Harry picked you, he had almost seen 2.000.000 girls, and he picked you! It was so unreal, why you? Why not someone else? He picked you… He thought you were the cutest, sweetest girl out of so many! Unbelievable. You looked at your phone, you’ve got a text message, it was from Harry. ‘Hey babe, I already miss you! I just wanna’ say that you’re the most beautiful and sweetest girl I’d ever seen! And you probably wondering why I picked you, that’s because your special. I could see in you eyes from the start, you were the one. Maybe its sound weird, but I think I already love you. Yeah, I love you. Looked forward to see you again beauty. xx Harry” 

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