Harry Styles - Love Story

It's a story my friend wrote to me. :)
Would like to share it with you, write what you think <3
It's about Harry Styles from 1D!;)


6. The date

This was the night, the night where you and Harry were going to fell in love. You was more than ready for the dinner, Harry would come and pick you up about 10 minutes. You were so exited! How would Harry look? Was your dress too much? What would he think about you? A million questions were running around in your head. the doorbell went of You took a deep breath and walked too the door… There he stood. With his charming smile. His beautiful green deep eyes. He had a navy suit on. In his hands he had a big red rose with at little card on. You looked down and smiled. He lifted your chin up, and looked into your eyes very deeply. “Hey beautiful” he said with his deep, sexy voice. “Uhm… Hey” You said a little shy. “You don’t have to be shy honey” He said and took your hand; you could feel a warm breeze running trough your body. Your mom stood in the door and watched you increase the car, she waved and sent you a blow kiss, and you waved. “Do you have everything?” Harry asked and looked at you smiling. “Yeah, Im cool” You laughed and he laughed too. He lighted the car and you drove away.  “Where are we going?” You asked and smiled. “Wait and see” he said mysterious. You laughed and considered his beautiful face. “What are you looking at babe?” He asked at looked at you. “Nothing, just you…” You said and looked down, you hair felt in from of your face. “May I ask why?” He laughed. “Its just… Your so beautiful...” You said and laughed very awkward. “I’m nothing in relation to you honey” He smiled at you with a cheeky smile. “We are here” He said and stopped the car. When you opened the door you just admired the place with open mouth, Harry, you tough, this is the amazing. This is the best night I your life.

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