Harry Styles - Love Story

It's a story my friend wrote to me. :)
Would like to share it with you, write what you think <3
It's about Harry Styles from 1D!;)


5. Ready for the date

 “WHAT!?” Julie said with open mouth, she couldn’t believe it! “well, call him!” “no, I cant, he is busy…” You said and laughed a bit. “But uhm… We got a date on Friday..” “Saaaay whaaaat!?” Julie was hyper! You looked at your mom. She was just smiling. “I knew this day would come babe, you really deserve it” You mom said quietly and kissed you forhead. the next morning “Morning sweetheart! Its time to wake up” You mom said and rolled the curtains and the morning light came in. “Yeah… 5 minutes!” You said quit. “Darling, its Friday! We gonna have at girls day out today! Doing our nails… Shopping, stuff like that? You know, for you date” You mom said happy “Oh! How awesome mom! Thank you so much” You sat up at hugged her. You mom walked out at made you some breakfast. You were so hungry, you and your mom talked about the day and planed what you were going to do first. It ended with that you were going so shop first. at the mall “Mom! Check this dress! Isn’t it beautiful!?” You said and looked at her. “Yes hon, but remember we looking first, then we buy!” “fine…” You sigh and walked to the next shop. Finally you were finish, now the fun could begin, yes, BUYING! “mom! Lets go!” You said and withdrew her behind you. “Ohh… We have spend a lot of money babe” You mom said when you finally walked out of the mall. “Yes, I know, let go get a break, then we do our nails” You said and laughed. You really loved your mom. “Yes, there is a café not so long away from here” She smiled at you. “I’m so happy for you babe” She said and hugged you. “I love you mom,” You whispered almost crying. “I love you too” You felt tears from her cheek. You wiped them away and took her hand. “Lets go” You smiled. She smiled too and you walked to the café. “Two cappuccino thank you” You said while you mom found a table for you.  You said down next to your mom and starred in her beautiful blue eyes. “Here you go” the serve said and smiled to you. “Uhm! This is a nice cappuccino!” You mom said and laughed a bit. “Yes it is! And this day is even better! And the best is, this is only the beginning” You smiled, and you mom smiled back. 

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