The story hasn't got a name yet, please could you suggest names that would be so helpful :D

The story is about a girl who has come out of a long relationship thinking that everything was her fault and that she was the reason why they broke up, and nothing will ever be the same again.


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This feeling ate away at her endlessly. The feeling of heartache and pain simple would not fade away. It just left a hole inside her, where her heart used to be. Would she ever feel the same again? Would she ever find the will power to continue? Or would she just give up? Just like everything thing else, that never worked out for her.        

       She was told forget him, but it wasn’t as easy and it sounded, at night while she was trying to sleep her mind would wonder to the place she tried to block out, the place where she knew the memories of him were kept. Memoires that caused pain and the feeling of having her heart ripped out of her chest to reappear. The feeling she so desperately wanted to go away, so that she could carry on with her life. But it never seemed to go. It was always there reminding her that she had lost him and he was never coming back, that she had ruined the relationship all by her self it just couldn’t be repaired, no amount of time or love could heal what she has destroyed.       

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