Dark Haired Girl

Short horror story.


1. Murderous

The blonde hair that hung, curled, by the little girls shoulders no longer hung. In it's place hung straight, lifeless black hair took its place. The blue eyes had turned into a mystic dark mess of blood and what looked like mud. The little girl was gone, and she would never return, a deathly little girl had taken her place.

No wonder how Emma's Mother had gone nearly insane. Her little daughter had been taken into somewhere where no one could return and she certainly wasn't going to get her daughter back.

Two days after the disapearence of Emma Matthews, the police had begun to send out a huge search party, and there were now around eight thousand, one million people, searching for her.

The head of chief, Officer. Ryan, had remembed what Emma's Mother had been like the minute she ran into the police station yelling about how her daughter had gone missing. There was no story behind it. There was no proof that she had been kidnapped, she could of just ran away.

" My Daughter did NOT run away! She was taken, and someway, I'll find out a way to proove it!" she yelled.

Officer. Ryan had been startled by Pheobe's ( Emma's Mother) strange ways. She had been yelling like a wild animals, and she had broken the front doors of the station. He told her that he would do what he could, but no promising anything.

She was politley escorted out of the station and towards a hotel where Officer. Daniel Ryan said he would pay for her to stay in a room for the night, to calm herself down.

After washing up and brushing her teeth, Pheobe slipped into her pyjamas, and cuddled up into her bed. She had a dream that night. There was blonde hair. The back of someones head and Pheobe was shouting at the person to turn around so she could see her face. When the girl turned around, Pheobe gasped. It was Emma. But now, her face seemed lifeless. Her blonde hair started to crumble, and there was the lifeless black hair. Her eyes changed, dark, scary. And her mouth opened up into sharper teeth. Pointy everywhere. She clamped her teeth on Pheobe's arm and bit hard.

Pheobe woke in a cold sweat.

It was a dream. It was all a big dream, no girl, no dark hair.

There was a knock on the door. The clock read three in the morning.

After opening the door, Pheobe saw Daniel Ryan at the door, holding someones hand.

" Hello, Miss. Matthews," started Daniel. " I think I have something you might want to see."

Pheobe pulled some of her blonde hair behind her ear, she looked a mess." Yes?"

Daniel stepped aside, a little face staring up at Pheobe appeared.

She gasped. Standing there, in- front of her, was a little girl with blonde curled hair, blue eyes and a soft face. She smiled shyly. And Pheobe screamed and screamed and screamed.

Doors opened, people climbed out, looking for the tormented lady.

The little girls faced crumbled, and in its place was the little girl from Pheobe's dream. Her mouth opened, sharp teeth. And she clamped her teeth down.

Everything went black.

Pheobe woke the next day, Daniel was sleeping in a chair beside her.

When Daniel awoke, he screamed. For Pheobe's face and hair had taken the place of Emma's. And she was closing in on him, mouth snarled. She was hissing. Her teeth as sharp as Emma's. Emma wasn't missing. She HAD run away, terrified of what she looked like.


                                                                                           The End                    

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