How would you feel if the only emotions you'd ever felt were jealous, hate and anger? You had never felt love, empathy and happiness? You hated yourself and you wished your life would end, you wished you could run under a bus. That's how I feel, and you probably wonder why I don't just hang my-self and be done with it? I can't, I have hemophilia, a very serious case. If I get a paper cut, I could bleed to death because my blood won't clot. I live in a soft bubble, I have since I was 3 months old, there are no sharp edges or corners and people who come in my bubble must wear a suit so they can't cut me. I have only met my parents a few times, they are rich so can afford that sort of 'care' for me. I they say they love me! Well some life they've set out for me, living in a bubble til I'm old and grey.


2. -The beginning of the end

Jack has just left, he was unusually nice today, no taughting just nasty food. And Lucy walks in, she looks sad. She comes and sits next to me on my bed.

'Hi' She says, this isn't good, she's not a quiet person.

'What's wrong?' I say. I stare right into those deep blue eyes looking for an answer.

'I'm leaving.' She whispers as though it's the last sentence she'll ever say.

'What!?!?' I yell, 'What the hell Lucy! HOW COULD YOU?!'

'I'm leaving, but I can promise you one thing.' She says, 'The man who I choose to replace me, will be hot and I'll make sure he cares about you.' She finishes. Leaves the biggest box of chocolates I've ever seen, she winks and walks out.

Emotions rush through me..

Surprise-she was leaving.

Hate-she was leaving me!

Wonder-a hot boy?!

Fear-what if Jack took over?


I was so Shocked. Let's juat say I didn't sleep that night.

Jack came in and gave me my breakfast, pancakes! Why was Jack being nice!?

'I heard about Lucy.' He begin. Angry flung itself through my vains, he just felt sorry for me.

'So what? You never cared about me before?' I spat out.

'No I didn't, but I see you in a new light.' And he leaned in, my heart started beating, his face was inches from mine, he kissed my forehead and left.

I was left, stunned. And I was wondering: did I enjoy that?


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