How would you feel if the only emotions you'd ever felt were jealous, hate and anger? You had never felt love, empathy and happiness? You hated yourself and you wished your life would end, you wished you could run under a bus. That's how I feel, and you probably wonder why I don't just hang my-self and be done with it? I can't, I have hemophilia, a very serious case. If I get a paper cut, I could bleed to death because my blood won't clot. I live in a soft bubble, I have since I was 3 months old, there are no sharp edges or corners and people who come in my bubble must wear a suit so they can't cut me. I have only met my parents a few times, they are rich so can afford that sort of 'care' for me. I they say they love me! Well some life they've set out for me, living in a bubble til I'm old and grey.


1. -How I live now.

I am Bubbles. Yeah, ironic, I live in a bubble. I have Hemophilia, I can bleed to death from a cut. Want to know about my life as a fifteen year old girl? It is non-existent, I have never left my buuble, I don't know much about the outside world. But I do get to read but I don't read actual books or magazines, they could easily give me a paper cut so I have to read e-books, I also have a small laptop, this is my way of socializing. This is how I know that by now I should have had a boyfriend, I should have had my first kiss, but no, I have to live in my bubble for the rest of my teenage years and when I become 18 I'm leaving. I know I can. It's when I become an adult and I can do what I want. I know it's dangerous and just grazing my knee could kill me, but I don't care, I want to live.

Want to know about my room? Well, it's two stories of pure white, the walls are just see-through plastic, Everything is blunt plastic, apart from my matress and duvet but that's not the point. The only thing in this dump that I could possibly kill my'self with is the fan that supplies me with oxygen but it's blades are way out of reach, so I'm 100% safe. Sort of.

My main 'carer' as they are supposed to be called, is named Jack, he is about 30 and he is bald, he is also evil, I hate him and he hates me. He only looks after me for the money, he taunts me. I tell my carers not to call me bubbles, that I'd prefer Hope, because that's the only thing driving me through this battle with a bubble. And his calls me Bubbles still and when I get angry he comes in my bubbles and says,

'What Bubbles? Coming to hit me?' He begins, 'I wouldn't you might cut yourself.' Then gives me a menacing look, and I know he's right so I just go sit on my bed. I am always strong, I will not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

Jack is only my main day carer, when he leaves at 6pm, my night carer, Lucy comes, I like her. She understands me, she's about 25 and she is so nice to me. She sometimes even smuggles chocolate in for me. I like it when she does that.

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