Maya is a nineteen year old girl who decides she would like to go abroad by herself. She travels to Paris, hearing about all the romance going on there as she would desperatly love a boyfriend. But the guy she doesn't know she was looking for is closer than she thought.
Short romance story.


1. The Trip.

It was finally the big day. The big day when Mum and Dad let me go abroad by myself. No friends, no family, just three weeks of romance in Paris. I really hope that all the books and films and sayings were true! That if you go to Paris, France, your sure to have some sort of ' romantic happiness' or something. Two hours until the plane leaves from here to London, and I'm flying out to my destination tomorrow, and staying in London tonight.

Oh my days, they are nearly shouting out boarding gate 11, my gate. Mum and Dad, who liked to be known as Peter and Susan, had said goodbye at least thirty times, and were still standing beside me with their arms linked onto my case.

" Just let me go, I'll be fine, honest," I mumbled for the millionth time that day.

" We are just worried about you, have such a great time in Paris! That's where me and your Father met first," Mum recalled.

Same old story.

" All passengers departing to Luton, please make your way to boarding gate 11, thank you," says the intercom.

" Bye!" I yell as I throw my arms quickly around both of my parents, and I feel two pairs of hands grasp my back.

" I love you, we'll call everyday! Have a great time! Stay safe!" both my parents call as I struggle to free myself from their tight hug.

Finally, I was running down the corridors towards the gates with my suitcase dragging behind me. The gates were now in sight, there was a long queue leading down from the gate towards me and I joined the end of it just as a family with three children arrived. We both arrived at the same time and the Mother, who looked unusually stressed, insisted I go in- front. Remembering my manners I thanked her and simply stood in- front of the little boy that was drinking a cup of water.

" Mum, I need the toilet," he said.

" Elliot! I told you before we came to the gate!" she whispered loudly. " Wait until we get on the plane, then you may go to the toilet."

The boy named Elliot nodded but didn't take another sip from the cup at all.

" Hello, may I please see your passport?" the woman at the desk asks me.

I nodded, handing it over,. I cringed when she sniggered a bit because my photo was taken a few years ago ( I had to change it) and I looked really young in it.

" I can say you've changed, to be honest," she says, handing me back my passport. " Much prettier now."

There, if I die on the plane, I don't care because I got a nice compliment like that. I smiled as I left the desk and slowly padded through the silvery hall connected to the plane. I hopped over the little edge bit and straight onto the plane. I was in the plane, all by myself, for the first time.

The lady there took my ticket. She didn't smile, just told me what seat to take. Rude, I thought. I continued through the cabin, until I got to row seventeen, seat B. It was really nice to get there first, even though I was supposed to be sitting in the middle, I sat at the window seat and looked out at the rainy day. It was dark for three in the morning.

A big man came and sat in the row beside me, he picked up a book that was lying on the seat already, and he stretched over and asked if it was mine. After I replied it wasn't, he kept the book and started to read it. The only worry I had was whoever was gonna sit beside me. I really hoped it wasn't a snooty woman or a very large man. Or little screaming kids. A boy sat next to me. He had brown wavy hair, and lapis lazuli blue eyes. They looked really attractive in the darkness of the plane. He sat in the aisle side seat, a seat away from me. And ever so often I would see those blue eyes stare at me then flicker back to the car magazine he was reading. His hair fell in front of his eyes sometimes when he flicked back to the magazine, so his head would shake from side to side quietly cutely.

" Hi, I'm Maya," I say, holding out my hand for him to shake."

" Zeke," he replied, taking my hand.

His touch felt amazing. Warm and soft. I never realised how long I had been holding his hand until he pulled it away and flicked through the magazine again.

" So.. your going to London, I'm going to Paris? What  about you? Any particular reason?" I ask.

Maybe this was fate. Yes, it was a crazy thought, but I read a book a while ago that said a boy and a girl met on a plane going to France, and they fell in love and all that mumbo jumbo. So, it could happen! Maybe I'll bump into him again in London, what happens if he isn't going to Paris maybe he is!!

" I'm going to Paris, yes," he said, uncomfortably. " I am going to Galsgow too, that's pretty weird."


This guy called Zeke, who I do not know, could be the love of my life! Okay I am getting crazy. But just look at his eyes, they are beautiful. His smile, wow...

" Any reason your going to Paris?" I quickly ask.

Look at that smile!! THOSE EYES! He is very, very beautiful. Please say he's ' the one'. He really looks like an angel. He looks brilliant. I never realised that we had already taken off and were already up in the sky. Please say he likes me too! Then he shattered my dream.

" I'm going to see my girlfriend, if you must know," he says.

" Oh. And I was just wondering, making polite talk. So what's your girlfriend's name then?"

He looked freaked out a bit.

Oh no, I'd made him scared.

" Her name is.. eh.. Violet! Yeah, her name's Violet," he says.

" Okay, cool."

I realise that the seatbelt signs have gone off and that Zeke takes his off. Ooh.

" Excuse me, I'm just going to go to the toilet," he says.

Well that wasn't that interesting. I think he just told me because I was staring at him. I watch as he leaves the seat and walks to the back of the cabins. OH MY GOSH, look at the back of his hair! wow. I have a little girl crush again! I stupidly feel the seat where he was sitting. It is still warm. I make sure to watch for Zeke coming back, I don't want him to see me hugging where he was sitting. He really is beautiful!

Zeke comes back, sitting uncomfortably in his seat. His hands smell of soap. I can't help to glance over at him. My head is now facing forward, but my eyes are sliding over sideways to look at him. His blue eyes are staring at me, too!


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