Maya is a nineteen year old girl who decides she would like to go abroad by herself. She travels to Paris, hearing about all the romance going on there as she would desperatly love a boyfriend. But the guy she doesn't know she was looking for is closer than she thought.
Short romance story.


6. The stranger.

I had gotten the flight home and I couldn't sit still. There was no one like Zeke and no one could possibly make me feel like he did. I had texted my parents in the taxi, telling them I'd be home today, they were overjoyed, and they said their phones had had no credit, so they couldn't get in touch.

I sighed all day nearly and I was nearly sick on the plane, because Zeke wasn't beside me. And he never will be. He is in Paris and I am at home.

I opened my front door to my parents standing there. They nearly cried that I was home and they hugged me tightly. It reminded me of when I had nearly died after Zeke had held me tightly. I cried.

" Oh, hunny! We missed you too," says Mum.

" Yeah," I say.

I bury my face in my Mum's cardigan and I take in her warm, musky scent.

Mum took me aside later in the day and asked if I had met any boys in the city of love.

" I didn't meet a boy, no." I say.

" Oh, well, maybe some other time.

" I didn't meet a boy. I met my saviour."


I slept at midnight, and I was peaceful until my phone rang. It was an unknown number. I rubbed my eyes and picked up.

" Hello?" I said, my voice hoarse and croaky.

Then the person hung up. I gave up, hung up and went back to sleep.


The next day, Mum and Dad went out so I took the time to unpack my case. There was a photo of me and Zeke.

I tried not to mention Zeke for a while, it made me sad. My eyes watered unpacking. I miss him so much, it is unreal.

I was eating breakfast in the living room and the doorbell rung, I left my bowl of cereal on the couch, knowing my cat would probably lap up the milk, and walked to the door. There was a dark figure there. It was probably a sales person, but it looked like he or she could be one of my parents friends..

" He..." my mouth dropped open.

I opened the door to an older boy with tanned skin, wavy brown hair and lapis lazuli blue eyes.

He held out his hand for me to shake and he smiled. " Hey," he says. " I'm Zeke."




                                                                          The End



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