Maya is a nineteen year old girl who decides she would like to go abroad by herself. She travels to Paris, hearing about all the romance going on there as she would desperatly love a boyfriend. But the guy she doesn't know she was looking for is closer than she thought.
Short romance story.


3. The secret.

I dry off my sopping wet hair in a soft towel that was layed out in my bathroom. If he is going to lie to me, then he isn't going to get the accomplishment of having me look like I believe it. I splash my face with cold water and concentrate on the girl who stares back at me in the mirror. A pale, creamy face, blue eyes set in a narrow face, and long, flowing blonde hair that nearly goes past my hips. Wait.

The way I look is exactly how Zeke described Violet. And he said she was perfect! I am quite a good height, I think, and my parents say I'm slim.. was he thinking of me when he said perfect?

After I realise why Zeke is lying to me, I give him another chance as friends. He just doesn't want to be seen not in a relationship or something. He is playing hard to get! I've heard all about this thing, it's like when a boy really likes a girl and he is not sure if she likes him or something, and he starts acting like he isn't interested, by saying he has a girlfriend! Yes! So he IS interested in me?

I wonder to myself if I should confront him about it, but then I don't know. It's round about seven, and I plan to go out for dinner tonight, I may be all by myself, but still, I will show that I don't care. Maybe I'll find Zeke and ask him to dinner! He can't really say no, can he? Because if he is playing hard to get, I'll find out now! And if this Violet girl is real, now I'll know. But she isn't.

I go for a shower, and shampoo my hair with a coconut wash that reminds me of home and leaves me thinking when my Mum will call. I smother myself in an orangey wash and then condition my hair before coming out of the boiling water.

I pick out a casual purpley dress with a bow around the middle and then slowly do my hair with a flowery head band, then I carefully brush it through. I paint my nails and toe nails slowly with a purple varnish and then dap myself with a bit of powder and lipstick. I then realise in horror that I would have to do that every night. I make myself smell and look attractive in hope of picking up any single, nice looking French men. Or Zeke.

I decide to ask Zeke to dinner, Violet or no Violet. If he is playing hard to get, now I'll know. What room was his again? Three- zero- eight! Yes, two doors away.

I slip outside, and lock the door before putting the keys in my purse and continuing down the hall until I get to the man of my dreams's door. I stand outside for about a minute or two and then I knock carefully.

" Hello..?" says Zeke as the door swings open.

" Hi!" I say quickly. He is looking ' fetching' tonight. Amazingly shaped into a pair of dark jeans, a white top and a tight black blazer, it is a little colder tonight.

" Oh Maya, hey, what are you doing here?"

" Well, I was wondering if this is your's?" I ask, holding out a piece of scrunched up paper. " I found it by the pool.."

" Nope, sorry, but I'll have it if you want?"


I put the paper into his hand and feel the warmth and softness of his hand.

" And, em, I was wondering if you weren't doing anything, if you wanted to come and grab a bite to eat or something?" I ask.

He leans backwards as if to check something and then he does a cute smile and nods. Strangely he locks the door and throws the keys in his pocket.

" Are you locking Violet in? Why?" I ask.

" Oh, she isn't feeling well, so... yeah," he says.

I nod, smiling. Liar, I think.

We climb down the stair cases, and then out of the hotel and into the lovely air and street.

" So," he asks.

" Yeah," I reply.

We both laugh and we aproach a little restauraunt near us. He opens the door to me and it looks like we are the only people here. Zeke pulls out my seat then takes a seat himself.

" Thank you," I say, and when he sits down, I talk a little more. " What do you think your gonna have?"

He picks up a menu that has already been laid out an he hands me one. I open it and look at all of the choices.

" How about," he says. " We both share a starter, and you choose my main meal and I'll choose yours? Then we can share a pudding if you want us too?"

" I like that idea."

For starters, we decide to try and eat a disgusting dish of snails. Well, that's what it sounds like, it is spelt Esgarot, and I think that is how it was spelt in French class. And I choose Zeke what was called a ' Chicken Le Chad' which was a breast of chicken that had cheese and ham stuffed inside, I personally wanted that too. It also said that there was a tiny bit of dry pesto sprinkled over the top and it came with either thin chips or potatoes and salad and a sauce dip thing. Nice.

" Okay, I'm finished," I say.

" Me too."

We both then decide on profiteroles with two small blobs of ice cream.

The starters arrive. There is six shells lying on the plate. We both pick up one shell and one toothpick. Zeke count's down from three and then we both jab the toothpick inside the shell and eat it right away. I hear him make the sound when you like something, and I make it too.

" Quite nice actually!" he says.

" That was very surprising," I say.

We eat the last two and then the plate gets cleared away. The waiter, an old man with thinning grey hair and a grey moustache and tiny black eyes on a wrinkled, pinched face, stays by our table and starts chatting to Zeke.

" This, lady of yours, she is.. very beautiful, you two make good, em, couple," he says, his English isn't very great.

" Oh, no, we are just.. " I say.

" Friends!" finishes Zeke.

The man laughs and walks away. " In Paris? No, no, no. Not by the end of the trip. Not just friends," he mumbles.

" That was different," I blurt out, breaking the deathly silence.

He nods. Then our main course comes.

" The Chicken Le Chad?" asks the woman. " And another?"

" You ordered me the chicken too?" I ask.

" You ordered me?" he says.

We laugh and take the plates off of the lady.

He starts to cut open the chicken and he takes little bites.

I eat mine slowly. The night crawls on forever.

Finally, we have finished our chicken and our pudding. And he says I have good taste and that I look good tonight, I say the exact same to him, then tell him I don't. He laughs and says I do. That arguement lasts for ten minutes as we go for a stroll.

" Maya," he says.

" Zeke?"

He clasps my hand as we walk and then he turns and stares deep into my eyes for about two, three minutes. It is just then when I realise how lost his eyes look.

We don't talk, but we do something else. He kisses me. He kisses me straight on the lips and I'm lost in his eyes until I shut my eyes, it is bad to stare. We kiss for a long time, his mouth moving and mine moving. My first proper kiss.

We burst into my room, we have kissed all the way up the stairs. We managed to stop in reception but now we keep on kissing, but it turns out its not my room, it is the LADIES TOILETS! We kiss and kiss and keep on kissing until I move my head away to wipe my lips. We are both breathing heavy now. He looks at me and speaks.

" I can't do this," he says.

" What?"

" I can't.."

" You've just kissed me, for almost an hour, you know, and now your saying you CAN'T?" I say, angrilly.

" I'm sorry," he says.

Then it blurts out. Everything.

" Look," I say. " I know Violet's not real. I checked your phone, there was no message. When you explained her, you explained exactly me. You locked the door in your room. I have never seen or heard her. I have thought you were absolutely stunning from the moment I met you on the plane. I am GLAD I met you! But I never knew it would come to this!"

He stared, wide- eyed at me. " I know, Violet isn't my girlfriend, she isn't even here. And I could tell you liked me, I noticed the paper you gave me, too, was your mobile number. I like you too, Maya. But I just don't want to commit to something.."

" Commit? We were kissing, I didn't need a proposal!" I yell.

We were fighting in the toilets, if someone came in, we would get reported.

" Yes, and I can't commit to just doing this! You'll want more! Every single girl I have dated has been hurt at least just because of that, and you are another one of them girls, those pathetic girls who need men for a living and... oh my gosh, Maya, I am so sorry," he says.

I'm hurt.

" I am not just one of those girls. I am not pathetic. And I definitely do NOT need men for a living. I came here on my own, and I'll be fine. Your a player, and I don't want one of those in my life," I say, I don't realise that I am crying. Hot tears slip down my face and onto the floor.

" Maya," he says.

He goes to grab my arm as he see's me leaving.

" Get off me," I whisper, still walking, as I flip my arm up.

I leave the toilets, my make up smearing and my eyes flamed with tears. I try to run, but I am on the fifth floor. I never realised I was on a high floor. 

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