Maya is a nineteen year old girl who decides she would like to go abroad by herself. She travels to Paris, hearing about all the romance going on there as she would desperatly love a boyfriend. But the guy she doesn't know she was looking for is closer than she thought.
Short romance story.


2. Paris

The plane starts to dip after an hour or so. I was sleeping for a bit, making sure that Zeke couldn't see me dribbling or hear me snoring. I watched him sleep for about ten minutes until he woke up and saw me, so I quickly fell asleep, facing the window.

" Seatbelt signs have been switched on," I tell Zeke as his hands reach over and buckle his belt. 

He nods at me, smiling awkwardly.

After the plane has come to land, it hits the ground hard, and we all bounce up and down a few times. Zeke and I go to leave at the same time, and he lets me slip pass. Then he passes me down my bag.

" Thanks," I whisper.

He smiles again (wow.) And I take it and follow him out the back entrance of the plane. He walks out to the streets, after getting through the airport, and I follow him until I have to take another turn to get to my hotel. I hope to see that beautiful face again!

" Bye Zeke!" I call, letting him now that I remember him.

" Bye!" He calls, forgetting my name.

I walk under two underpasses and through a wooded path until I reach a hotel called Luton Hotel. It was a really tall, quite thin building, with about one hundred windows.

" Hi, em, reservations for Maya Wood?" I ask.

The woman at the desk smiles. " Yes, you are in room 13, down the hall, up the stairs and to your right."

I smile, take my room card and head up the hall. When I get to room 13, I slip my card in the lock and open the door. There are three beds in my room. One double and two singles. I take the double bed, treating myself and sleeping comfily.


I don't remember what happened the rest day and morning, all I remember is really early in the morning, getting up and checking out. I gave the lady the key and I walked to the airport. My plane was said to leave at seven. It was already six, and I had checked in, put my suitcase in the little bag bit , and I was getting ready to get on the plane. I knew that the lady would laugh at me like the other one.

I was waiting to see Zeke again on the plane, as he was going to Paris too. I never saw him as seatbelt signs went on. I took my seat and a woman sat next to me. This time I was on the ailse seat. I couldn't see Zeke when we took off. I couldn't see him when we were in the air. I couldn't see him when the captain said there was half an hour till landing. I couldn't see him when we did land. But I didnt see him when I got off the plane.

I took my carry- on off the plane and I dropped it when I got to the bottom of the plane stairs. Zeke picked it up for me. His eyes were still the exact same, wide and blue. He leaned down and I leaned down, we both bumped heads. As I grabbed my head, he picked up my bag and he laughed.

" Sorr... Maya!" he says.

" Hey Zeke," I say.

This was just too weird. In a good way.

We walk out together, him carrying my carry- on, because I have my other case and he only has a bag on his back.

He tells me about himself, and I do to. We both walk and talk until we get to the edge of the road and a really pretty girl in a mini pulled up and he got into the car.

" Bye, Maya, hope to see you again," he says.

" Bye Zeke! Me too!" I yell ,after the car.

I watch them drive away from me. The girl left behind. I get a bus to my hotel.

It's a nice, square buidling with four floors, and large french windows and balconies. After I've checked in, I get up to my room, taking the stairs as the elevator scares me, and I put my suitcase in my room. It is really hot. My room has a small kitchen and a bathroom, it has a big bedroom with one double bed and units with mirrors. It has the french doors onto a balcony with a little table and chairs. There is a living room which leads to the bedroom with two couches, one a pull out bed, and a T.V. I'm really happy with my room, I am on the third floor, room 308.

I unpacked my bag and put on a flowery pair of shorts and a white top, looking fancy just in- case I bumped into Zeke again. Just in- case. I picked up a book, a love story of course, stuck my sun glasses on my head and locked my door as I went out and I climbed down two sets of stairs to get to the pool. When at the bottom step, I saw the door to the pool and the outside bathing area was just a couple steps away, and I carried on through the hotel and out the double doors to try and bag a sunbed. There were several people in the pool and quite a few on sunbeds. I found a sunbed that was in line with the sun and just beside the pool. I didn't mind getting splashed, I would probably go in after. I took my seat and opened my book, pulling my sunglasses down. It was so hot.

I had been sitting for about twenty minutes when I put my book down and sunbathed for a bit, until I felt a pair of hands grab me. I couldn't see who my attacker was!? I threw off my glasses and screamed a little. The hands picked me up easilly and took me close to the edge of the pool. Then, I felt the splash of the freezing water, my head was under and then as I took a sharp breath, I coughed out the liquid, then I could breath again. I was splashing like a drowned rat. I looked up to see who my attacker was. And I stared at blue lapis lazuli eyes, brown shaggy hair.. ZEKE!

" What are you doing?!" I yell, laughing a bit.

" You should've seen your face!" he laughs. " Your in my hotel?"

I clamber out of the pool, dripping wet. " Yes, I'm room 308."

" No way! I'm 306! We are like neighbours!" he says.

We are better friends now.

" Thanks for that, by the way," I say. " You owe me a new outfit."

He shook his head laughing.

He lay beside me on the sunbed.

" I thought you were here with that Violet girl?" I ask.

He replies yes, that she is getting ready because her and he are going out for lunch. He laughs when I tell him I'm here on my own. I thank him sarcastically.

It kind of hurts that the only cute boy that I can see by this pool is laughing at me.There was three little kids sitting around, their feet dangling in the water. And there was a couple of old people, that was really it.. But there was a group of kind of cute boys sitting around the jacuzi. Yes! Another bunch of cute boys if me and Zeke didn't work out.

" So, when am is this Violet going to come down?" I say.

" Oh, emm, I don't know, she should've been here by now," he picks his phone out of his pocket. " Ah, here we go, she texted me saying... she'll be here in about an hour or so, she is just out at the shops, picking a present up for her Mother." He groans.

" I take it you don't like this.. Mother?"

He nods, and then he offers to buy me a drink. I say yes, smiling. He wants to buy me a drink!

He leaves his phone on the table that sits beside my wet sunbed. And as I see him disapear round the corner, I sneakily pick up his phone. I flick through his messages. There is no message from Violet, just a few from his Mum, asking if he is okay. And a couple from a guy named Mark and a woman named Ashley. But she was just his sister, as I could tell when the text started with ' hey bro..'

So he was lying? He came here by himself too! There was no girl named Violet. I decide to pressure him into telling me the truth.

When Zeke comes back, he is carrying a glass of sparkling red wine, glistening in the sun, and a great big glass of beer. I think it is lager, maybe not beer. He pulls a sunbed beside me and lies down, taking small sips of his drink.

" So.." I start. " Won't Violet be wondering where you are?"

He shakes his head.

I ask him what she looks like. He says she has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is slim and just ' perfect' hight. Her skin is pale and smooth and her lips are pinky and soft, all her features are set out on a narrow face.

" She seems.. very.. perfect? Like someone out of a story, or a film, don't you think?"

" Yeah, she's just right," he says.

Well, he's lying to me.

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