Maya is a nineteen year old girl who decides she would like to go abroad by herself. She travels to Paris, hearing about all the romance going on there as she would desperatly love a boyfriend. But the guy she doesn't know she was looking for is closer than she thought.
Short romance story.


5. CPR

" Maya! Maya? Can you hear me? Maya!"

I woke up, wet, on the hard ground. It was still dark and there was a boy leaning down on me. I wasn't dead. I was lying beside the pool, coughing up water. I could breath. It was the best feeling in the world. Zeke was leaning down on me, staring at me, worried.

" Zeke?" I coughed up.

I sat up, and he cradled me with one arm.

" Are you okay?" he asks.

" No," I say. " I nearly died, and no one came. You didn't help."

" Maya? I was having a little problem too. You pushed me, hard, and I fell and hit my head. I couldn't come any sooner than I did, I'm sorry, but, I did come."

" You did?"

" Yes," he says. " How else would you be here right now, there is no one else here. I haven't told anyone else, because I didn't think you would want me too, I am just so glad your okay."

I wipe my hands across my face and then I cuddle into him.

" No, don't tell anyone, this is to stay between me and you, okay?" I ask.

He nods. " Forever."

I nearly died. And Zeke just saved life.


Zeke helps me back to my room. My first day and I have already have a close encounter with death.

" You never said you couldn't swim," he says.

" Yep, I know, you'll have to teach me. I can go in the shallow end, and I'm glad that's where you through me the first time I was in the pool," I laugh.

" Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!" he says.

My purse is in his hands and when we get to my room, I grab it and unlock my door. He comes in and I let him sleep on the couch to make sure I am okay.

" Goodnight," I say.

" Goodnight, Maya," he says.


It is night again, I feel like I have slept for ages. Zeke wakes me up and tells me I HAVE been sleeping for ages. I have slept for four days and the doctor said I just needed it.

" You told a doctor?!" I shout.

" Just that you were sleeping, no worries," he says.

I have two weeks left of my holiday. But I decide to cut it very, very short. I came on a Monday and it is now the end of a Friday, I slept for nearly five days. I am going to leave next Monday, on an early flight, I have two days left. I will get my money back when I get home.

" Zeke," I say.

" What is it?" he says sweetly.

" I am going home on Monday," I say.

" What? You were staying till.. like three weeks?". He no longer looks like that very brave boy, he looks sad and small.

" I will never see you after Monday, I am sorry."

He hugs me and I am sure I here him cry. He stays with me for the rest of the holiday.


It is Saturday moring and me and Zeke are going to a water park. He said he'd go on the slides and rides with me if I was scared. He is so nice. He kept telling me all these horror stories about people dying on rides just to scare me, then he'd hug my waist and laugh. And on slides that we could go on together, he hugged me tight and told me not to be scared because he was there. I wasn't even scared, I just wanted to pretend because he felt really warm and cute.

After, we went on the lazy river. We floated along and he kissed me, telling how me how much he'd miss me. I said I'd miss him too, and he said he'd keep in touch. And that is when I thought again about my parents, they hadn't phoned the whole time.

" That was really fun, thanks," he says to me after.

" Thanks too," I reply.


Sunday was a blur. I packed. I spent the day with Zeke. I cried. And I put on my leggings as my travelling clothes. It was such a hot day. Zeke kissed me again and told me he loved me and I told him I'd miss him so much and he told me again he'd miss me. He stayed with me that night and I got my ticket all sorted and my passport and my money. My case was packed and my flight was at ten in the morning.

I woke at five. I took a while to get ready. I had wore my leggings to bed, because I was very lazy and I was crying to much to care. I put on make up to cover the tears and then I woke up Zeke.

" Goodbye Zeke, I am just going to the airport, I'm getting a taxi, and I am leaving now," I say.

" I will miss you forever. Forever and always. You have changed my life and I will miss you more than anything."

He kissed me properly again and he helped me downstairs with my luggage. I checked out and sat outside until my taxi arrived.

I hugged him and kissed him and told him I couldn't stand leaving him. He told me that he loved me. And I could tell he meant it.

For the last time we kissed and I go in the car with my luggage. The taxi drove away and I waved back.

Then he was out of my sight, out of my life forever. Forever and always.


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