After the devastating event Seth experiences with his best friend Tyler, Seth's had constant visions warning him of what to come; his Aunt's car crash, the twin towers... Then in a matter of months, he begins to discover his rapidly increasing muscles, with no explanation whatsoever. But his parents (hard-working police officers) are too busy to notice. Too busy with their own problem... the rapidly increasing amount of disappearances...


4. Linda

“Stay safe Seth!” Mum called and I slammed the car door shut. I glared back at her and I walked slowly towards the school grounds, trying to avoid all the stares that I was getting; they had all obviously heard about what had happened to me.  

  “Seth!” Ben yelled, hugging me, “You’re back.” He glanced at my biceps, bulging from the sleeves of my t-shirt, “What the hell ?! You're either taking some pretty sick protein shake, or you're cheating mate." He concluded, pretending to inject himself with an imaginary needle.

   “My doctor gave me this medicine to help me get rid of my head pains. It turns out it can do some pretty awesome stuff to your muscles.” I lied. He would have to be pretty dumb to believe that.

  “What? No way!” Ben said in amazement, “I had to spend a whole year working out at the gym to get to this!” he said, flexing his biceps.

   “So how’s you?” I asked, deciding to change the subject.

   “I’m good. I’m glad you’re okay mate. I visited you a few times in hospital, you weren’t awake. But I was out most of the time ‘cause I was looking for…” He trailed off.

  “Jack?” I asked.

  “Yeah…” he muttered sadly, “He’s been gone for over a month now.”

  “I thought you aren’t allowed out after six?” I puzzled.

  “No chance,” Ben smirked, “no way am I going to listen to the stupid rules.”

  “Ben… maybe you should.”

 He looked at me in disgust, “My best mate’s in trouble Seth! Do you just want me to sit there?”

  I shrugged and continued walking towards the school. I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

  Ben had run home screaming. He was obviously completely out of his head…” I remembered Mum saying at the hospital.

“What actually happened to you and Jack?” I asked.

  Ben stiffened. He muttered, “I don’t want to talk about it,” and he quickened his pace.

  “Hey. Wait. Ben!” I called, Ben dodged through the crowd until he was out of site.

  I raised my eyebrows.



 I shoved the little year sevens out the way as I headed to my History class. I found my sudden stocky build extremely useful at this and I was actually grateful that I wasn’t the little weed that I used to be. “Move out the way midgets,” I ordered, sending a crowd of them scattering in all directions.

  Miss Lynn turned from writing on the board as she noticed me walking in, “Seth, you’re back! I heard about what happened.

  “Yeah, the last month has been quite… eventful.” I replied, glancing at my old seat that was now taken by some nerd.

  “I’m glad you’re better, you’ve missed a lot though so you’re going to have to work hard to catch up with the class. Your seat’s taken now, so I’m going to ask you to sit next to Linda.”

  There were a few snorts and giggles. Oh shit. “Hey. Miss, there’s a spare seat at the back, can I sit there?” I asked hastily.

  “There’s a perfectly alright seat next to Linda, I want you to sit there.”

  I gritted my teeth, “Right. Fine.” I said, slumping down next to the girl who was hunched over a book. I smirked at the rest of the class so that they laughed. The girl didn't flinch and continued to stare at her book as if her life depended on it. Her hair was coal black and wild as if she hadn't brushed in days and scraped back into a pony tail.

   When the lesson began, the girl next to me sat bolt upright whilst Miss Lynn droned on about something I had no idea about. I groaned, resting my head on the table. 

  “Hey sexy.”

  I looked at Linda in surprise. Then I realised that the voice belonged to the person in the desk in front.

  I smirked, “Hey Leanne.”

   Everyone knew who Leanne was; she was easily the hottest girl in the year... and the sluttiest.

  Her eyes moved from my eyes to my biceps, “Have you been working out?” She asked, the corner of her mouth lifted  into a small smirk.

  “He has... obviously," Linda said, speaking for the first time. She glanced up from her page of scribbly, untidy handwriting and rolled her eyes at us.

  Leanne expression darkened as she narrowed her perfectly shaped eyebrows, “Nobody asked for your opinion freak.”

  Linda shut up quickly and went back to her work, scribbling faster than ever before. Leanne rolled her eyes and smiled at me again. “So… do you want to meet up Saturday?”   


Sounds of students sighing in relief filled the classroom when the familiar sound of the school bell rang. Immediately, I rose to my feet - along with the rest of the class - and began stuffing my books into my battered rucksack despite Miss Lynn insisting that the bell was a warning for her and not for students. Linda remained glued to her chair, the only person bothering to listen to her. I ignored Miss Lynn’s demands, unwilling to spend any minute longer sitting in the stuffy classroom than necessary. I slung my bag over a broad shoulder and glanced outside the window, already spotting people emerging from their classrooms.

  Eventually, she threw her arms in the air despairingly and exclaimed, “I give up with the lot of you, just leave now before I set you all detentions.”

  As I walked through the corridor, I got many glances. I could guess that they were thinking the same thing: Who is that? Or if they knew me: Is that Seth Smith??

   I tried to act oblivious to the stares, despite how blatantly obvious some of them were; some were even going as far as pointing at me. I gritted my teeth and began to walk faster to the door to the car park.

Outside there were less crowds of people, but those who were there immediately turned to me as if I was holding an invisible magnet. I glanced at them uneasily, beginning to walk even faster. I heard a small scream. I faced forward and before I could react I collided into the person in front of me. People stood nearby sniggered quietly. Linda lay, sprawled to the ground with a clutter of books surrounding her and her glasses hanging off the end of her nose.

  “Oh sorry.” I said, standing in front of her awkwardly.

  “That’s okay,” she muttered, hastily trying to stuff everything in her bag. She refused to look at me but I could tell that her face was turning crimson. She struggled to fit her books in her bag and her pens and pencils kept falling out.

  Help her pick up her stuff, a part of me said. I considered listening to my thoughts, despite knowing that it wouldn’t exactly do favours to my popularity status. But then I spotted Ben at the other side of the car park.

  “Sorry.” Was all I said, before running off.


  “Hey… Ben!” I called, catching up with him.

  He turned to me emotionlessly, “What?”

  “We’re alright… aren’t we?” I asked uncomfortably.


“Okay, good.” I said, “Are you going to look for Jack?”

  He looked at me as if I was stupid. “What do you think?” He asked bluntly.

  I raised my eyebrows at him, “Okay… anyway I want to help you find him.”

  Ben’s expression brightened, “What really?” He asked in surprise, “I thought that you were too scared about getting into trouble”.

  I shrugged, “I don’t care, our mate’s in trouble. It would be just stupid of me to sit back and do nothing.”

  Ben nodded in agreement and added, “He would have done the same for either of us.”

  “It’s gonna be hard for me to sneak out,” I mentioned, “My parents aren’t as slack as yours.”

  “They’re police officers, what do you expect?” He laughed, “Well why don’t you come out now? It’s not that late.”

  I shook my head at him, “That’s impossible. They can’t even trust me to walk home anymore,” I said gesturing towards the police car entering the car park, “It’s bloody ridiculous.”

  Ben sniggered as the car drew closer and closer to us.

  “What?!” I snapped.

  “Nothing… nothing." Ben said solemnly although the corner of his mouth lifted slightly.

  "Okay, bye." I sighed. I headed towards the vibrant car that my parents unfortunately owned because they were police officers.

  "Have a safe journey home!” Ben called as I was climbing in the car. I gave him the finger and slammed the door shut.

  This is ridiculous, I repeated in my head.


Just ridiculous.

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