After the devastating event Seth experiences with his best friend Tyler, Seth's had constant visions warning him of what to come; his Aunt's car crash, the twin towers... Then in a matter of months, he begins to discover his rapidly increasing muscles, with no explanation whatsoever. But his parents (hard-working police officers) are too busy to notice. Too busy with their own problem... the rapidly increasing amount of disappearances...


6. Inhuman

I've never been a very imaginative person.

When something strange happens, I don't usually come up with bizarre explanations, but rather something more logical.

And this weird, wolf-like form was far from it.

I desperately tried to slow down my panicked breathing with little success; my heart rate seemed to be rapidly increasing. Every few moments when my confusion and anxiety had built up to a certain extent, I let out  an inhuman whine.

What’s happening to me?

My thoughts had gone wild from my desperation to come up with a thought, an answer, anything to explain what was happening.

I did my best to avoid the same, gut-wrenching explanation, whispering in my ear menacingly: the same thing that had happened to so many teenagers over the last year, to Jack, to Tyler… was also happening to me.

The possibility of something that was so dark and unknown sent a shudder down my spine. Every part of me felt wrong and alien to the new body that I was in. It was as if I was wearing an itchy, thick jumper that was better not having.

But at least you can take a jumper off - this new body didn’t appear to be changing back any time soon.

Minutes passed, and I still could not stop myself from returning back to the river, in hope that I had become human again, and this was just some weird side effect from the medication I was taking.


The dark, foreboding woods appeared much less frightening as it grew brighter. A small part of me hoped that my wolf-like appearance would disappear along with the darkness – a lot of creepy things tend to happen at night, yet as soon as its morning, it is completely forgotten about.


I’m here! I yelled back, thoughtlessly.

“What’s that?”

“I dunno… it almost sounds like a wolf.”

Dave emerged into the clearing, dressed in his work uniform, along with another police officer. Immediately, they held out their guns in shock.

“A wolf… in these woods?!” The other police officer gasped, “T-that’s impossible!”

Don’t shoot me, I’m human! I cried, trembling at the sight of the guns.

“You’re scaring it,” Dave warned, “lower your gun.”

“How on earth did that thing get here?” The guy said uneasily.

“I have no idea. Let's get out of here."

Don’t go! I said, as the two of them began to edge cautiously away. It’s SETH!

“Woah,” said Dave uncertainly, and he held his gun back up.


I had no option but to stare back at them from a distance, desperately hoping they'd realize.

But neither of them lowered their guns.



I think it's safe to say that I was going through a pretty problematic time of my life, having transformed into some weird wolf creature, with no signs on whether or not I'd be changing back any time soon.

Or at all.

And it wasn't just that; I was almost certain Dave would have shot me down earlier if I dared approach him any closer, meaning that if I never got out of this mess, then Mum and Dave and everyone at school would start to think I was missing. Then they'd put a poster with my face up along with all the other teenagers.


It was weird how teenagers were the only people affected by all this. Was it something to do with our minds or something - too much exam stress? ...Hormones?

Why couldn't adults transform into these weird mutant wolf creatures as well? Perhaps not Mum, but maybe Dave (then we could have released him back into the wild where he belongs).

I hated him. If he hadn't been such a dick I wouldn't have stormed off during tea and ended up... like this. And I was pretty sure that if it was Mum in the woods instead of Dave, she wouldn't have almost shot me. She's all crazy about animal cruelty, which before I didn't really care about but now I kind of get where she's coming from.

I mean, I was just trying to communicate with Dave and he didn't even give me chance. Not that it would have gotten me very far (seeing as he can't get to the bottom of all the disappearances. If he was smart he would have evacuated all the village months ago).

The only reason I was no longer pacing around and whining and begging for help was because a hopeful possibility came into my mind: if the other teenagers had become wolf-like as well then I was bound to find them all.

So after coming up with a plan of how to find some of the others (clearly they had ran as far away from Psycho Dave as possible) and what to say to them, I set off, my big paws, pounding against the leaves.

I lost track of how long I did this for. It seemed that all my memory of how time worked had completely escaped my mind. I could have spent hours or minutes searching, but either way the same, increasing worrying thought at gnawed away at me.

What if I was the only one? Perhaps I was just crazy. Perhaps it was all in my head and I was just in some weird frenzy state in a mental hospital somewhere.

I automatically froze to a halt at the sight of the young girl.

Clearly she was an idiot - obviously this area wasn't exactly the safest place to be anymore.

"PLEASE!" She screamed, "Please don't hurt me!"

Her wide eyes watered at the sight of me.


I knew who she was, and I was right about her being stupid.

Leanne continued to stare at me as if I was some sort of man-eating monster, and to be honest I was starting to get offended.

“PLEASE!” She continued to scream.

Idiot. What was she doing here anyway? Which reminded me; I completely ditched her on that date that we had organised earlier. Ha.

Eventually she stopped and began to glance to her left, slowly edging in that direction. It looked so comical I couldn’t help but snort at her.

“Stay away from me!” she wailed and edged at a faster speed.

Seriously, what was she doing?

“Leanne! What is it?” I heard somebody yell.

I glanced towards the direction of the sound and gasped (whined). I must have wandered a lot further than I had realised because between the gaps in the trees I could just make out the opening of the forest which meant that Leanne wasn’t stupid, and she wasn’t foolishly putting herself in danger. I was.

“WOLF!” She screamed.

And I was gone in seconds.

My paws no longer pounded against the ground as I ran; I was starting to become more used being in this weird animal form, and so my movements were becoming more agile and light.

Although I had managed to run a pretty respectable distance away from Leanne and the opening, I still couldn’t run away from the strange feeling. The sense of foreboding was an instinct I often had. But recently it had turned into something much more extreme. And I had no other way to respond to it other than run.

What was I going to do?

I couldn’t even communicate with anyone, and after searching what must have been the entire woods, I had accepted that there weren’t even any other wolves let alone mutated teenagers. A part of me worried about a lifetime cursed with loneliness.

When my confusion and frustration reached a certain extent I stopped running and collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion. Not only had I ran out of energy, but also the small amount of determination left, the tiniest flicker of hope.

 The woods were beginning to become dark again and all signs of life slowly began to die down. But it longer scared me, in fact I actually felt quite at home with it and comfortable of the unknown. And although my instincts told me that something else was going to happen to me that night, bizarrely, I was no longer afraid but accustomed to it.

It was only a matter of time.


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