After the devastating event Seth experiences with his best friend Tyler, Seth's had constant visions warning him of what to come; his Aunt's car crash, the twin towers... Then in a matter of months, he begins to discover his rapidly increasing muscles, with no explanation whatsoever. But his parents (hard-working police officers) are too busy to notice. Too busy with their own problem... the rapidly increasing amount of disappearances...


2. Fire

I rested by the dying fire as Jack and Ben lay opposite me, beside the shimmering lake. They were the closest I had to friends and I knew they felt sorry for me because they knew what happened to Tyler, he was the first one. It was on the news; posters of him were still stuck on the shop windows, even now amongst the countless other teenagers. I glanced at them sprawled on the silky grass.

  Their eyes are closed.

   Then I wrenched my jumper off, tossing it aside and I looked at my reflection in the lake. My biggest school shirt was constricting my bulging biceps, the material stretching over my abs. I have always been really skinny, but the lake displayed my abnormal muscles, which continued to increase in size everyday.

I didn’t ever go to the gym; in fact I hadn’t done much more than press-ups in P.E, but my abs still confirmed the eighth pack which was clearly coming along, but I knew I wasn’t normal - I never had been. Ever since my first haunting dream with the cold, dark voice whispering in my ears warning me what was to come - an earthquake in Japan, the twin towers, a tsunami, my aunt’s car crash. I would wake up screaming, howling for Mum but slightly relieved that the dream was over... then it would all happen. At first I was driven mad, either not knowing if I was awake or asleep or furious at how little I could do, knowing it would only be hours, minutes before it happened, but I am used to it now.


  I flinched, jerking the hoodie on and answering frantically, “Yeah?”

  “We’re gonna go now, it’s already dark” Ben asked.


    Pain so unbelievably fierce erupted inside my skull and an ear-splitting scream pounded against my eardrums. The once tranquil trees now whirled before me; they rapidly increased until I could distinguish nothing but a blur.  “Seth, are you okay?”

   Then it left as soon as it came. 



  “Whoa-at? Yeah I’m fine, you go.” I mumbled.

  I squeezed my eyes tightly together. That was weird.

  “-Okay, see you on Monday…” Ben spoke.

   Then it came back, but this time twice as painful. I gasped from the shock, trying not to scream from the pain.

 "…Seth, are you sure you’re alright? You look really bad.”

  “I’m fine! Err, I mean… just go.”

   “Bye, I’ll call you later,”

   Ben and Jack disappeared, vanishing into the swallowing darkness. I could have explained to them what was wrong and they would have believed me if I said I had a head ache. I would have ended the night in my bed and then it might have not happened so early. But I couldn’t think, only soundlessly scream inside my head and clamp my lips together to prevent it escaping. Gradually I began to see two crimson lights directly in front of me and slowly, they began to increase in size into the same glowing, crimson eyes that had haunted me for so many restless nights. The owner of the eyes emerged into my vision and the familiar black silhouette of the wolf emerged, only this time it sauntered towards me. The pain was excruciating, the creature edged closer seeming to bring tormenting waves of pain with it. Please go, I begged silently. When it was just in front of me, it stopped abruptly then poised, preparing itself to leap, It seemed to hesitate, almost as though it was thinking as it watched my agonized face. But it still pounced, its ear-splitting roar tearing apart the night. My screams echoed throughout the forest as I collapsed, colliding into the ground.

  My instinct was to reject the pain, my hands even started to force me up. But it only multiplied. I screamed as my soul was torn apart, sending spasms throughout my body, the tortuous pain that only seemed to increase. Darkness continued to push down on me, burning my body alive and the fire started to bury into my skin. I thrashed, trying to shake it off... but it was too late; it was already part of me. I wanted to die; I couldn’t stand the thought of living for another second.

  “KILL ME!” I begged.

  The amber fire blurred and my vision turned black.

A strong, musty smell drifts around the deserted, dimly lit room.  I don't need to see him; I know he's behind me. I throw him against the wall so fiercly his back crunches and he bounds back from the wall despite the pain. He made me angry, furious; why did he have to make it so difficult?

  "I'm tired of your games!" I yell, "Where are they, are they alive?!"

  He sniggers, "Lobo, why should I tell you?"

  "Because I could kill you so easily, you wouldn't have any time to scream,"

  "Can you though? Kill the only person who knows the information you so desperately need?" He grins, menacingly, enjoying my fustration.

  I sprint up to him, smashing him up against the wall again, glaring into his bright eyes.  I gasp; the bright emerald eyes stare back at me...






  I heard the muffled sound of somebody speaking in a low tone. I was immediately aware of the overpowering smell of anaesthetic and the beeps of a nearby monitor. I tried opening my eyes but they seemed to be glued shut so I remained in darkness. Why was I here? Flashes of the evening replayed in my head; I was out with Jack and Ben; I couldn’t remember having any accidents. Ben had told me that they were going to leave; I remembered snapping at him telling to go so that I could be alone.

  But why?

Pain deep inside my skull throbbed continuously as I tried to listen to the muffled voices.

  “Is there anything that you can do?”

  “He can only wake up on his own. For now he’s…”

   I heard the distant but unmistakeable sound of sobbing. Why did they sound so worried? I was awake, wasn’t I? I’ll tell them I’m alright.

  “Guys I’m fine, I’m awake.” I tried to say. My mouth refused to utter a word. Then I realised I couldn’t move at all. I panicked; what if I have to lie in this bed forever, an unmoving stone statue? I heard footsteps and more sobbing, though this time a bit louder. What was going on?

  “Seth, are you’re alright? You look really bad.”

Yes, just go away. Go away; leave me alone, “I’m fine! Err, I mean… just go.”

  “Bye, I’ll call you later.”

  Then there is darkness and pain.

  The door was opening. More footsteps. The sobbing stopped abruptly.

  “They said that there is nothing they can do.”



  “Sue... I think we should give up.”

  Sue… that’s my Mum’s name.

  “I… don’t want to.”

  “He’s been like this for a month.”

  A month?

  “If only we had noticed earlier…”

  Noticed what!?

  “…we could have stopped him.”

  Stopped what!?

  “…I bet he caught on with his friends. I knew they’d be a bad example.”

  There was silence; I could smell the faint smell of a sweet, flowery perfume. Mum’s perfume. Then she whispered, “Just wake up Seth, I know you can hear me.”

  I wanted more than anything to open my eyes, to reassure her that I was fine. I wanted to find out what the hell happened to make me end up in the state that I was in.

  “Don’t you want to wake up Seth?”

  I course I want to wake up, why would I ever want to stay like this?! I was furious at her for even suggesting it, how could I possibly like this?  She sighed; the smell of her scented perfume faded along with my consciousness...









…Beep…beep…beep…beep. I was still there. Awake but not quite. Once again I tried to move, to open my eyes then to speak but I remained frozen, lying in the uncomfortable bed. There were voices again, although this time more clearly and louder.

  “Have we agreed, then?”



  What were they talking about?

  “M-u-um,” my voice croaked. I spoke! I was surrounded with excited voices.

  “What’s happening?” I tried to say, although this time it didn’t work. But they didn’t seem to mind; they continued to talk excitedly. They slowly faded and I was plunged into total silence.

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