After the devastating event Seth experiences with his best friend Tyler, Seth's had constant visions warning him of what to come; his Aunt's car crash, the twin towers... Then in a matter of months, he begins to discover his rapidly increasing muscles, with no explanation whatsoever. But his parents (hard-working police officers) are too busy to notice. Too busy with their own problem... the rapidly increasing amount of disappearances...


7. Energy

---Author's Note---

If you've been reading this for a while then I have just added around 700 words towards the end of the chapter.



The amethyst ball of light seemed to radiate waves of energy, drawing us closer to it like a magnet, and away from the door - our only escape.

"RUN!" I yelled, grabbing his wrist, urging him to snap out of his paralyzed state and to run.

"Please, Tyler. Please." I cried, "Don't think... JUST RUN!"

The energy became almost unbearable to stand, closing the distance between us faster and faster.

The orb split into two.

I gasped as a deafening, sinister wail filled the room, overpowering us and making us scream in agony. Tyler collapsed on his knees in defeat... drained, and no longer aware at the fact that it was getting closer...

I was weakening. I couldn't stay any longer; it was if my soul was being taken apart each second I wasted.

Tyler remained emotionless, his shoulders slouched and his eyelids drooping, but he still muttered,"...help me."

I cried out from the sudden jolt of pain and as soon as the spasm ended my human instincts took over.

I had to get away. My legs ran for me, running at a speed I didn't even think I was capable of, desperate to distance myself as much as possible and to reach my only escape from the nightmare. The door handle reached my grasp and my mind urged me to carry on. But just moments before I left, I turned around, making a decision that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

One of the forces had expanded its power. It dragged Tyler even closer and suddenly alerted his senses. But it was too late for him to even attempt a escape, and he had only enough time to yell, "SETH!"

His eyes screamed at me, his expression displayed nothing but horror.

Then nothing.

Leaving behind just me and the second orb.

And I had no choice but to run.


I woke up panting, my mind racing with thoughts. But after realising that I had returned to my normal surroundings, I sighed and collapsed back down on the ground. I listened to the sound of scurrying insects, the occasional rustle of leaves as the trees swayed in the breeze. I hoped I could calm myself down to sleep. But sleep is almost an impossible task when experiencing guilt.

The worst thing about guilt is that it’s unavoidable. You can never really run away from it. Because if you do, it can still creep up on you to haunt you when you least expect it. Guilt thrives on people; it eats us alive and destroys us, forever reminding us of what we done, or in my case what we could have done.

I could have saved Tyler. Every single part of me knew that the small amount of time Tyler had managed to regain consciousness was just enough time for me to help him. But I didn’t. Instead I ran, slamming the heavy door shut behind me and trapping the nightmare inside. I thought that once I shut the doors, what happened that day would remain there. But I was wrong. It haunted me for years, reminding me what might have happened if I wasn’t such a coward. My guilt taunted me in my sleep, forever replaying the image of Tyler screaming for help with the same, agonising expression.

I remember running out of the house, almost stumbling over the rocky path, desperate for the safety and reassurance of reality. At first the boys waiting for me laughed, calling me a chicken and a coward for not completing the dare. And they couldn’t have been more right; who in their right mind would have left their best friend?

Afterwards I decided that that was precisely the reason why I didn’t save him; I was traumatised and experiencing tremendous pain. It’s a human instinct to run. If I was in my right mind I probably would have saved Tyler.

But this didn’t excuse how I reacted afterwards. I forced myself to try and block out the event all together. I didn’t tell anyone what happened to the pair of us in there and I refused to go back in afterwards when people went looking for him. The locals came up with many bizarre stories. Some said that Tyler had run away, and he went in the house to trick everyone into thinking something had happened to him. But that didn’t explain why I ran out screaming and anyway, there were no reasons why he’d want to do that in the first place. Others claimed that there may have been a kidnapper hiding in the house that had attacked us, causing me to run out screaming and explaining why Tyler could no longer be found. I agreed with the second suggestion, because even though this explanation seemed horrible, it was far less terrifying than what actually happened.

What actually happened to Tyler was so unexplainable and sinister, I forced myself not to believe it. I refused to look for him, hoping that if I never saw the place again, then I’d eventually forget about it.

I longed for a sense of normality. And the more I thought about Tyler, the more I wanted to run away. Mum began to notice my drastic change of behaviour until eventually Mum decided that perhaps it would be better if I moved schools to distract me from the trauma. At first it was relieving no longer having an empty seat next me in lessons and for the first few weeks at my new school, I barely thought about Tyler.

But it was foolish of us to think that moving would help me. Because it’s impossible to run away from the past. It’s impossible to escape guilt. The two have a habit of coming back to haunt you.

That night, my mind refused to rest. Flashbacks haunted my dreams, each time causing me to wake up gasping and whining with fear, each time, reminding me of the very same event with

Tyler, the Energy …the house.

Vivid images of the same strange source replayed in my mind. The force transformed from red, to blue, to purple and then it split, over and over. Each time, I forced myself back to sleep, persuading myself that eventually the day would approach and the nightmares would end.

But the darkness seemed to stretch on forever.

At some point that night, I woke up for the sixth time, my heart beating, my pulse racing… and then I heard the voice.

The house…

My throat tightened, my head pounded. I hugged myself in hope that it would provide me with some sort of comfort against whatever it was. And whatever was happening.

The house…

I trembled to my feet, daring myself to search my surroundings.

The house…

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I howled, my voice echoing throughout the woods. “What do you want with me?!”

  My breathing steadied and I fell back down on to the soft leaves, forcing myself to try and go back to sleep. But then the chilling image of the haunted building filled my vision and for a moment I believed that I was actually there.
 I wasn’t stupid; I knew exactly where I had to go, where all my questions would be answered at last. But the idea terrified me.  A part of me knew that somehow, this weird phase would never end, the flashbacks would haunt forever and all signs of daylight would be forgotten, unless…

I couldn’t do it. The event with Tyler had happened years ago, but even now I couldn’t even go into the same street. The thought of going there alone, let alone at night petrified me. In a film, the hero would have jumped at this opportunity, but this was real. And I was far from a hero.
 I was a coward. I was alone. I couldn’t do it.

Tears pricked up in my eyes and soaked my fur. Why was I he one who had to endure all of this?

"RUN!" I yelled, grabbing his wrist, urging him to snap out of his paralyzed state, and to run.

"Please, Tyler. Please." I cried, "Don't think... JUST RUN!"

I let out a deafening howl. “TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO!” I pleaded, although I knew exactly what it was.

Trembling, I pulled myself up. I squeezed my eyes shut, forcing all my worrying thoughts out of my mind. I imagined that I was some sort of robot and programmed myself to make my way through the heart of the woods.

The streets were silent and desolate. Every light had been turned off, apart from the occasionally flickering street lamp; the pavement was damp from the most recent downpour and collected in tiny puddles. Not a sound could be heard, about from my paws, patting against the ground and the tiny droplets of rainwater, dripping from tree branches.

My determination was driven purely by the desire for this nightmare to end, the thought of enduring it any longer was too much for me to take.

Not a single person lived in any of the old houses which occupied the street. It was if nobody had been here for years. The building itself hadn’t changed at all since the event with Tyler; some of the bricks had still crumbled off the wall, every window was smashed and a jungle of weeds grew untamed on the grass, suffocating the plants underneath.  Even the very same gates surrounded it, although conveniently, they were open…

---Author's Note---

I've condensed most of the chapters because I was starting to feel that some of them were  getting a bit too short. So I'm sorry if you guys find it confusing...

If you have any idea what you think will happen next, comment below. Or if you have any advice for improvement (even if it's just a typo), please say because I'll definitely appreciate it :)

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