the way things work.

John Karta is a detective in training, He has much to learn.


1. Oliver Jaranda

"welcome to your final year of detective training John, your final year! Firstly, i must crongratulate you on passing your last exam with flying colours John, flying colours!" John tried to smile at Oliver, but failed. Oliver just got on his nerves and made him want to shout in his ear "why don't you stop speaking like a sod Oliver, stop speaking like a sod." John knew he couldn't do that, or he'd get  a punch in the face from one of Olivers fat hands.

Oliver was a fairly small person, he had a round tummy and wore artistick glasses, that was his look, that's how people recognised him in the detective world, all great detectives had a look- sherlock holmes, Missure pwaro (don't know how to spell it), and Oliver Jaranda. As much as the way Oliver spoke pissed John off, John had to admitt, Oliver was great.

John, so far, didn't have a "look". he looked to Oliver for ideas, but he mostly spoke about his own look and that was not what John was looking for.                                                                                                                            

"You've gotta have a "look" you see, a sort of layer that covers up the crap beneath. That layer can save your life you know John, save your life."

"so could you explain to me the main subject of this year's training please?" asked John, trying to acted like he was interested in the whole thing, he wasn't. John just wanted to be a detective, he just wished there was a way he could skip all the poop he had to clean before he did.

"well you see John, this year is all about the real deal, real deal John. we get down to the crap with this stuff, the real blood and gore, the way things work John, the way things work."

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