The crazy life of Katie

Sometimes, you've got to let go, even if your not prepared to.

Katie is a growing girl, coming up to her early teens, but going through alot of stress.
Getting into boys, attempting new things, and becoming more daring is only a small mouthful of her crazy, unpside down life.
However, when her Mum gets seriouly ill, her brother is being bullied badly and her sister attemps to run away, Katie has to pull herself together, in order to keep the family going.
Would she do it?

Can she do it?

Will she do it?


1. When you come back to earth, you can land with a bump.

     It started when I arrived home from my five day school trip to Whales. Mum wasn't there to greet me at the door after walking home, and when my sister inched open the old pine door, her eyes looked emotionless, and her face grave. Giving her a half hearted hug, I asked her what was wrong, and in answer, she began to soak my cotton shirt with her tears. Slowly, I dried her salty tears with my last remaining tissue, and she told me somthing heart breaking through a hoarse whisper...

     "It's mum," She croaked, "She has cancer, badly. After you went, she told us only, becuse she wanted you to enjoy your trip but I thought I would tell you to save her from doing it and....." She trailed of, before she started sobbing again. A huge lump rose in my throat, and tears pricked my eyes. Too shocked for words, I gingerly stood up, and helped my sister (who's name is Ella) to her feet.

     "Come with me to see her Ella?" I managed to gasp. Nodding, she grased my hand for support and we tiptoed upstirs to my mum, who we found looking heart broken in bed. "Mum!" I gasped, and flopped onto her bed, crying into her cold chest. She started crying too, and stroked my hair, like she always does when we both need help. "Oh mum, why you?" I cupped her face in my hands, and  stared into her painful eyes, "You won't go, promise?" I pleaded. I knew it was silly, as she could go at anytime, now she had cancer, but I felt so helpless, to defenceless, I couln't help the words that came tumbling out.

      "I promise" She assured me, but I knew she wasn't too sure......



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