Twisted Love

Serena has lost the one she loves and is prepared to do anything to get him back.

Dedicated to Adam Gilray for his darkly inspiring work. This is my entry into his and Jodie's ultimate competition :)


5. Vintage Revenge

Percy clunked down the steps into the basement. The blood was kept in the kitchen but he thought he might lace Mr HIgh-and-Bloody-Mighty's drink with some more whiskey to shut him up. 

Percy wandered along the narrow aisles, looking for a strong vintage in the hundreds of bottles. Although normally Vampires avoided alcohol they seemed to have a strange fascination with it. 

Percy, however, was an expert. He ran a finger along a dusty bottle and gave a sniff. His heightened Vampire senses told him this bottle would be perfect. He pulled the bottle from the wooden rack and glanced up through the gap he had just created. Two black eyes were staring at him. 

'SHIT!' The bottle dropped to the floor. Selena vanished, reappeared on Percy's side and caught it before it hit the floor. She held it up to him. 

'Language,' she said, her black eyes burning. Percy reached out a shaking hand to take the bottle but Selena pulled it back and smiled. 'Now what does a Vampire want with a vintage whiskey?' 

'I...I drink...' Percy stammered, his throat felt uncomfortably dry and he suddenly very much wished he could have a gulp of the liquor.

'Yes. I know you do, Perce, my darling, but you were sent to get Luther some blood and this,' she held up the bottle and shook her head, smiling patronisingly, 'is not what he ordered.'

' But I was getting it for me.'

Suddenly Percy's back slammed into the wine rack behind him. Thousands of pounds worth of wine hit the floor and smashed. Selena's lips were drawn back in a snarl and her hand curled around Percy's thick neck.

'Do not LIE TO ME.'

Percy whimpered and tried to stand on his tiptoes. She was holding his throat in an iron grip and he wasn't tall enough to have both feet flat on the floor. He choked and silently cursed his midget father. 

'Well? Dwarf?'

'Dwarf? Oh come on Selena. I'm not that fucking small!'

She growled at him.

'Ok, ok!' He tried to swallow but she squeezed tighter and he coughed in her face. He regretted it the moment his breath left his body. He screwed up his face in anticipation of her forthcoming wrath, but she merely tutted in disgust and released him.

'Percy you are sick.'

'Sorry,' he said, one hand massaging his sore neck. 'What do you want, Selena? You've got Luther shitting himself in fear upstairs. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing,' an evil grin spread over his face for a second before being replaced with a look of weariness, 'but it don't get half bloody tiring.' 

Selena pulled out the cork of a red wine with her teeth and spat it across the cellar. Percy heard it land somewhere by the stairs. She hoisted up us skirts and sat on one of the shelves. After a long mouthful she handed the bottle to Percy who accepted it gladly.

'I'm here for revenge.'

Percy, still drinking, nodded. He knew that.

'I want that shit bag of a boyfriend upstairs to squirm and squirm until he begs for death.

'Sounds good, ma'am.'

'Yes. It is good. In fact, it's an excellent idea and you,' she jabbed a finger into his chest, 'are going to help me.'

Percy lowered the bottle, passed it back and nodded thoughtfully. 'Ok. What do you want me to do? Hey!' His eyes lit up with sudden inspiration. 'He wants to keep wolves! We could get some werewolves and let them tear him to shreds!'

Selena slapped him. 'Stupid boy!'

Percy put a hand to his face and felt his lips form a pout his master would be proud of. 'Ok, ok. Geez you crazy bitch, was just an idea, was all.'

'Well it's a stupid one. I don't want to give His Mightyness a quick, clean death.' Percy wondered if she had ever seen something ripped apart by a werewolf. You couldn't exactly call it "clean". 'I want to make him suffer.'

'So what shall I do?'

'Nothing! Until I tell you.'

She slipped off the shelf, took another swig, handed the bottle to Percy, grinned as wine trickled down her chin and vanished. 

Percy fell back against the wine rack, sighed and shook his head. 'Women.'

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