Twisted Love

Serena has lost the one she loves and is prepared to do anything to get him back.

Dedicated to Adam Gilray for his darkly inspiring work. This is my entry into his and Jodie's ultimate competition :)


3. Prick

Selena slid into the chair that the waiter had pulled out for her. He brought her a bottle of champagne, some water for the table, bread and some olives. She would be waiting for her companion to arrive before ordering the mains, she told him. She knew that Luther would have received the message by now. She had left the body in a well traversed dogging spot. Her thin lips curved upwards as she thought of the couples sneaking out to indulge in an illegal, and, when done in a public place, repulsive activity, and finding some dead, fat man laying where they wanted to have sex.

The thought pleased her greatly. She ordered some more olives.


Luther's cab pulled up outside the Alain Ducasse in Mayfair and he adjusted his bow tie in the reflection of the pane of glass separating the passenger from the driver. The myth that vampires didn't have reflections was one that Luther was eternally grateful was false. Vampires could never have survived if that was true. 

He licked his finger and smoothed his eyebrows. Damn, he was so fucking hot. 

He tipped the driver generously and got out of the car. Two ladies passed him and smiled in his direction coyly. He may have been interested had something far more enticing and exotic not awaited him inside. 


Selena glanced at the clock and let a small smile play around her mouth. It was almost time.


Luther pushed open the glass doors and entered the dimly lit restaurant, low music was playing beyond the screens that obscured the diners from view. He walked up to the small podium and waited for the maitre d to come and seat him. He wondered if the reservation was under his name or hers.

He drummed his fingers on the wood and looked around. Where was the maitre d? He couldn't see him. It was also rather quiet... Wasn't that music playing the same verse over and over?

Luther turned just as the silver bullet came smashing through the glass doors. 


It hit him in the arm and made him squeal. Another shot was fired and he instinctively dropped to the floor. 

What the hell was going on? He knew Selena had a twisted sense of humour but this wasn't the kind of reunion he had in mind. 

The silver burnt his arm and he gritted his teeth in pain. It wasn't deadly though and he could get it out later. The shooting continued for several more seconds and then stopped. But it was about twenty minutes before Luther dared to stand up. 


At eight forty five Selena beckoned the waiter over. 

'I am so terribly sorry,' she batted her thick, dark eyelashes, 'but my companion has been held up and won't be able to attend.'

'My apologies, ma'am. Would you like to order or do you wish to leave?' 

'I would like to order, please.'

'Of course, ma'am. I will be straight back with the menu.'

'Thank you.' She smiled, biting her lip slightly and making a bead of sweat gather on the waiters forehead.

The menu was placed in front of her and Selena took a long time deciding what to have. 


At ten past eleven Selena left the Zafferano in Knightsbridge and hailed a taxi home. 


At midnight Luther crawled back into his mansion, bloodied, his face absent of the smug grin he imagined himself to have upon arriving back home. 

Percy looked up as he entered the kitchen.

'Didn't go to well, my Lord?'

'Shut up you fool. I need something to eat. And drink. No not blood. Whiskey.'

'Whiskey, my Lord? I don't think that's a good idea...' 

'Shut up and give me the damn drink.'

Percy swung his feet off the table and got the liqueur from the cupboard. He eyed his master worriedly as he opened the bottle and took a swig. Two seconds later he hit the floor. 

Percy picked up the bottle and sighed. That's the thing about Vamps, he thought, they didn't have to drink just blood but it tasted much nicer to them then anything else so consequently most of them were lightweights. Although none quite so bad as Lord-Luther-Shit-Face. 

With a pensive look on his face Percy lifted up the bottle and took a tremendous gulp. He smacked his lips. 

Most of them were lightweights. But not him, oh no, just cos he was an immortal didn't mean he would give the mortal pleasures. He sighed happily as he sat back in his chair and picked up his pen to carry on his crossword. He glanced briefly down at the passed out Lord and knew he should take him to his room.

He took another glug of whiskey.

He really, really should...

A large gulp. 

He looked down at his crossword. Clue: five letters. To pierce with thorn. P_ _ C K.

Percy looked down at the Lord again, than back at the word and threw his head back and laughed. 

'Well that's just too fucking funny.' 

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