Twisted Love

Serena has lost the one she loves and is prepared to do anything to get him back.

Dedicated to Adam Gilray for his darkly inspiring work. This is my entry into his and Jodie's ultimate competition :)


2. Message

The young Vampire Lord looked bored. He waved his hand tiredly and called, 'Next!'. 

One of the guards dragged a elderly farmer into the throne room and threw him on the hard granite floor.

'Crime?' The Lord asked.

'Not paying his due quota for this quarter, my Lord.'

Luther observed the man with little interest in his cold black eyes. 'Execute him.' He waved his hand again and failed to stifle a yawn.

'Please! Please, my Lord! The crops...they died this year. Such a bad harvest...and my daughter, please, my Lord...she's very sick!'

'Yes, yes, everyone's daughters are sick. Kill him. Next!'

'Nooooo! Please...!' The farmer was dragged out of the room kicking and screaming. Luther picked some dirt out from under his nail as they brought the next prisoner in. He was surprised to look up and see a young, pale, sickly looking girl in front of him. She wasn't thrown to the floor, but the guard had a strong grip on her arm. He was eyeing her suspiciously.


'Um, well none, my Lord.'

Luther raised a black eyebrow. 'None?'

'No, my Lord. Well, you see, my Lord... She's the daughter of the farmer.' With his free hand the guard gestured in the direction the ill fated man had been dragged off in. 'She's very sick, my Lord. We weren't quite sure what to do to.... I mean...with her.'

'Oh.' A delicate pout formed on Luther's lips. 'So he was telling the truth,' he mused quietly. 'Well never mind. I'm sure he had done something to deserve the execution.' He sat up a little in his throne as he was prone to slouching during these seemingly never-ending sentencings. 'So what will it be, girl? You can,' he held up three long white fingers, 'be a slave, be a vampire or be killed. You can choose.' He smiled down at her as though he had given her a particularly nice birthday present.

The girl's shrewd eyes darted this way and that.

'I don't wanna be a slave.'

'No. So...?' Luther was still smiling kindly.

'And I don't wanna die.'

'Ah, excellent so that leaves...'

'So I'll be one of you vampeer people.' 

'Right... How old are you, little one?'

'Twelve. And I ain't little.'

'No, no... Of course not.'

'No. And tell this man to get his filthy hands off me.' The girl tried to shrug the guards hand off but he tightened his grip.

'Oh, let go, Gareth.'

'With all due respect, my Lord. She's a bit of a wild one. She bit my bloody hand earlier.'

Luther rolled his eyes. 'Really, Gareth? She's, like, this big.' He held his thumb and forefinger out about an inch apart. He chuckled to himself as though he had told a great joke, which, in his mind, he probably had.

'I AIN'T SMALL!' With sudden speed the girl slipped from Gareth's grasp and jumped onto Luther, punching, biting and kicking him. Taken by surprise Luther took the attack for a second before, in the blink of eye, rose and grabbed the girl by the waistband of her trousers. He held her suspended in mid-air his face gawping.

Gareth hurried up with two other guards to take control of her.

Luther cleared his throat. 'Yes. I see what you mean. She is a bit feisty isn't she?'

'Yes, my Lord.'

'Well. In this case, girl, you have brought down upon yourself a year of slavery. Should you still be a little shit then too then you continue working as a slave until you grow up a bit.' And to Gareth he said, 'Stick her in the kitchens.'

'Yes, my Lord. Very good, my lord.'

The three guards carried the girl out and Luther rearranged his collar and took a gulp of the blood that was on the table next to his throne. 

Bleeding humans, he thought. Much more trouble then they're worth. He took another gulp and wiped his hand across his mouth leaving a red smear of blood. He wiped that off with the sleeve of his shirt and belched.

'Send in the next prisoner!' He called.

'My Lord! My Lord!'

A tiny vampire ran in. Luther looked at him and yawned again.

'Yes Percy?'

My Lord!' The small man skidded to a halt in front of the throne and made an awkward bow.

'Yes Percy? What is it? I have another four hours of mind numbing boredom in front of me. So you better have something interesting to say or else you better get out of my sight and stop wasting my time!'

'My Lord!'

'For the third, fucking, time! WHAT PERCY?'

'There has been a killing, my Lord.'

Luther gave a huge sigh of exasperation. 'SO? Was it one of ours? If it was just dispose of it.'

'No, my Lord. It wasn't.'

'Was it one of us?'

'No, My Lord.'

Luther clenched his fists and bit his tongue in an effort not to strangle this aggravating messenger and chuck his stupidly small body to the wolves. Which, Luther thought, a metaphorical lightbulb going on above his head, would be awesome pets to keep. They could live in the dungeon and eat people that annoyed him. He grinned, slightly wolfishly himself, at the thought. He resolved to ask his advisors next time he saw them to get him some wolves. Big beasts, that would growl at everyone except him and he could train them...maybe even to jump through hoops!

But before he got too lost in his daydream he realised that the advisors would never condone that, the fun suckers that they were, and his pout returned.

Percy watched his master's expression change from boredom, to annoyance, to a sort of manic happiness (the kind he gets when he has some crackpot idea and Percy made a mental note to warn the advisors) and finally to his tradition pout of childlike annoyance when he suspected things might not go his way. Percy heaved a huge internal sigh and wondered how the hell such a nincompoop had been turned into a vampire in the first place. Luther was so old though, Percy thought, that he was probably made back when Vampires went to local loony bin looking for potential candidates. A practice that had, thankfully, died out. Just like most of the loony bin Vampires. Except, possibly, this one. Percy wondered whether if he killed Luther he would be staked of thanked. He thought the former would be more likely, but then they would probably name a day after him and celebrate the death of the idiot Lord for centuries to come. 

Both Luther and Percy sighed at the same time. Luther noticed this and stared at Percy beadily. The little vampire was not to be trusted, he decided. What did he have to sigh about? All this happened within a couple of seconds and Luther motioned for Percy to continue.

'A body was found, my Lord, outside the city. A man, strung up and stabbed.'

'I still don't see what this has to do with us?'

'In his skin was carved a message, my Lord. It was from Selena.'

Luther's expression of bemusement vanished and he fell back in his throne. 'Ah. I see.' But despite the little vampire's worry and nerves Luther couldn't help a small smile. So, she was back was she?

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