Twisted Love

Serena has lost the one she loves and is prepared to do anything to get him back.

Dedicated to Adam Gilray for his darkly inspiring work. This is my entry into his and Jodie's ultimate competition :)


6. Internal Parasites

Percy sat on his coffin and tiredly tugged his boots off. His socks came off with them and exposed his feet. Black fluff was nestled between his toes and he spent a good five minutes removing it. He picked off one of his longer toenails and flicked it away and then stretched and yawned. The sun would be up soon and he should get to bed. 

He stood up and lifted the lid of the coffin. He wiggled his fingers excitedly. What to have tonight? His hand darted over several of the bottles until he decided on a red wine. That should send him off nicely. He closed the coffin, the lid creaked ominously and Percy made a mental note to get someone to oil it. Then he stretched again and swung himself into the hammock strung up from ceiling. He unscrewed the bottle top and, one leg hanging over the side of the canvas, closed his eyes and drank.


'I fort Vampeer's sleeped in coffins?' 

Percy woke to find a beady eye staring at him. He jumped and swore at the same time. Seriously, what was it with people doing that to him recently?

The farmer's daughter stood back and crossed her arms. 'Well?'

'Er... Well what?'

'Well! Why don't ya sleep in ya coffin?'

'Percy rubbed his eyes and checked his watch. Nine o clock. Damn, he had overslept.

'Look you little nuisance why don't you just bugger off?'

The girl's eyes narrowed. 'I is not little.'

'Yes, whatever!' Percy exploded. 'Just get the fuck outta my room and stop asking me stupid questions!'

Her cheeks flushed and the eyes became mere slits in her chubby face.

'I'll get you back for that you bas-'

Percy interrupted with a huge yawn and the girl opened her mouth in shock and then snapped it shut. 

'I ain't kidding.' She said quietly to herself and turned on heel and left.


Percy was in a bad mood. Luther had given him a talking to for being late for his duties and had also got one of his servants to bring him a book on how to illegally obtain wolves and was now making Percy read it to him.

'...the pups should have good teeth and be free of internal parasites because, of course, you can't exactly take them back.' Percy paused as Luther gave a loud chuckle.

'Oh no, of course not! Ho, ho, ho.'

Who the fucked laughed like that? Except Father Christmas? And if the thought of some big fat bloke squeezing down your chimney and into your property (which Percy was sure broke quite a few laws) wasn't scary enough imagine coming down on Christmas morning to Luther. He would have killed you parents, eaten the hamster, taken a shit on your Christmas tree and be singing 'Come all ye faithful' as he left. 

'Oh, dear me!' Luther wiped away a tear from his cheek. 'Continue, Percy.'

Percy gritted his teeth and carried on reading. He just hoped Selena hurried up and contacted him. She might only be thinking about killing her cheating ex, but Percy had bigger and better things on his mind. Once the Vampire Lord died another would be chosen and he had a good idea who he wanted that someone to be...


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