Twisted Love

Serena has lost the one she loves and is prepared to do anything to get him back.

Dedicated to Adam Gilray for his darkly inspiring work. This is my entry into his and Jodie's ultimate competition :)


4. Apple Peel

The hotel room was exquisitely furnished. Selena pushed her feet down into the depths of a large, white, fluffy rug by the fireplace. The fire was alight and cast jumping shadows over the room. The TV was on and the woman was watching it with a twisted smile on her face. 

"Reports of a shooting at a prestigious Mayfair restaurant are coming in. The Alain Ducasse was closed due to a burst water pipe when the shooting took place. No one appears to have been killed but injury is suspected as there is blood at the scene but no victim has come forward. The spokesperson for the met-"

Selena pushed the standby button and the TV went black. She wiggled her toes further into the rug and leant her head back. Her hair fell down her back. Thick strands at the front were knotted and her hair was frizzy and unkempt - a far cry from the elegance she portrayed only a few hours ago. 

She blew out her cheeks and looked around the room. The modern conveniences  seemed to bore her and she idly threw another log onto the fire. 

An owl hooted from outside and she looked up. Silently she rose and walked over to the window. She pushed it up and leant as far out as possible, breathing in the darkness and the scents of the night. 

The owl hooted again and she opened her eyes. She pushed the straps of her dress from her shoulders and it fell softly to the floor. 

Naked, she climbed onto the windowsill and let her body morph into that of an eagle owl. She took off and was swallowed up by the darkness.


One day later.

Luther paced his throne room in agitation. He jumped at every noise and kept swigging blood from a goblet.

Percy had his feet up on a small table and was idly peeling an apple. Luther threw him look of distrust. What sort of Vampire shuns blood in favour of an apple? Percy hummed to himself seemingly unaware that he was under scrutiny.

'But what do you think she wants?' Luther asked for the seventeenth time that evening.

'Dunno, my Lord. Probably wants to kill you or summin.'

Luther looked around with his mouth open. 'You don't... I mean you're not... She doesn't! Does she?' He spluttered.

Percy looked up. 'Look, my Lord, I don't have the foggiest idea what she wants. She's probably just pissed off.'

'But why, Percy? What have I done?' The Lord's voice was wobbly and pleading. Percy felt a strong urge to stab the knife into his master's chest, but, as usual, resisted. 

'Well I presume ancient bleeding witches aren't used to being dumped by Vamps. Or anyone, for that matter.'

'But... But Percy we agreed, we both agreed, that it wasn't working.' Luther opened his mouth to take another gulp of wine and gave a sort of pathetic whimper when he realised the goblet was empty. 'GUARD!' He shouted before turning back to Percy. 'But it was ok! We were happy to be apart. We both-'

Percy flicked the last bit of peel to the floor and interrupted. 'No offence, my Lord, but that's not quite how I remember it happening.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, my Lordship, that the way I remember it we were in Italy for one of yours and Selena's little "dates" and you saw some werewolf hussy and took off with her. Left Selena stranded in venice while you fucked off back home with your new tart without so much as a goodbye.' Percy took a bite of his apple, a knowing look all over his face.

Luther opened his mouth several times, reminding Percy of a fish, and went to drink from his goblet again.


A guard burst through the doors and rushed up to the irate Lord. 

'Yes, my Lord?'


Specks of spit flew from Luther's mouth and landed on the poor guard's face. He managed not to recoil in disgust, just.

'My humblest apologies, my Lord. I believed Percy to be with you.'

Luther looked over at the undersized Vampire with narrowed eyes. 'Yes, Percy, you are here. Why didn't you answer my call?'

'But, my Lord, we were having a discussion. And...' he hesitated, 'you shouted awfully loud if you wanted me. I'm only sitting here.'

'That is of no consequence! You are my personal guard and should attend to my every need. Fetch me more blood.'

Percy swallowed the rude retorts in his throat with difficulty, swung his legs off the table and snatched the goblet from Luther's hand, scratching his fingers in the process. Luther pulled his hand back with a sharp "ow" and glared reproachfully at Percy. 

Percy forced a sickly smile onto his face. 'Right away, my Lord.'

Luther watched Percy's retreating back with a wounded expression. Percy really was in a foul mood these days.



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