From the eyes of an animal.

a story from the eyes of a cat.


1. I'm Sorry, Lucy.

I’m awake.

The sun’s on my back. It’s actually quite warm. Warmth. Comfort.

Stretching and purring.

A hand was on my back, then two, lifting me upwards towards the sky.

Smooth, soft, cool beneath my paws. Claws stretching as my paws reflex, and I’m suddenly settled beside Emily.

Her soft, cooing voice.

Scratching behind my ear.


I’m nuzzling against her face; my whiskers must be tickling her nose because she’s giggling.

Another human enters the room. I hear the floor booming.

A fuzzy voice, slowly becoming clearer to me.

‘..moving house.’

That’s all I can hear.

Emily seems to cry out in pain. No, not pain. It’s objecting. Objecting to something.

Her grip on me tightens.

I’m trying, I promise you.

But her grip is so tight.

I’m mewing, softly at first.

But she doesn’t seem to hear. 

I can smell perspiration, Emily’s getting nervous.

My claws flexing. I’m refraining.

Oh no, I can feel it building up inside of me.

I’m trying to pull free, worming out of her grip before she grabs me again, tighter this time.

I can’t hold back the yelp of pain.

We were both objecting now.

I feel wetness on my back; she was burying her face in my fur.


Her grip is still tight. I need to get out of this, I can’t breathe.

My paws are itching, my claws coming out.

I don’t want this to happen.

Please, I love Emily. Don’t let me hurt her.

My pleas ignored. My claws attacking her smooth skin.

Involuntary hissing.

I’m sorry, Emily.

I’m sorry.

Don’t send me away.

It was an accident, I promise. I’ve never hurt you before, have I?

Have I? A calmer, larger pair of hands. Steady, unlike Emily’s panicked grip.

A few stern, indiscernible words in my ear, and now I’m outside.

I’m curling up on a pile of leaves. Beneath Emily’s window.

Maybe tomorrow she’ll understand.

I just hope she doesn’t hate me. 

Please. I’m drifting away now. Sleep. Stomach rumbling. I want food.

I’m sorry, Emily.

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