The Starlight Project

16 year old Kana, is an Amrican living in Britain. She hates the cold weather forecasts over Scotland and wishes she was in America again. But a force is coming that will destroy most of Earth's population.

Kana must become apart of 'The Starlight Project', along with nearly one thousand kids between 10 and 19. Kana must save the Earth from the Destroyer, along with Adam, Karia and Charlie, before Earth crumbles. Will they manage?


2. How the Starlight Project started

My alarm went off, blaring "Date In The Dark". I turned listening to 'Death in the Ivy' staring at my ceiling which was getting lighter at five in the morning. My Mom and Dad would still be sleeping. I turned "Date in the Dark" off, peeled off the cover and clambered to the bathroom. I stared at the window as the rain battered against it, giving little pow noises as it hit the surface. I hated it here in Scotland. Since moving from sunny America to cold Scotland, made me feel like I had been robbed of my life. My parents said the jobs here would be better along with the schools. According to Dads laptop, Scotland had 5,550 hours of sun a year. When we moved here, I was driven to Primary school straight away. St. Andrews was a tiny school in a place called Gorebridge. We lived in Edinburgh so it was a long drive. When we got there, lots of children were running about shouting or chatting in small groups. I hid behind my Mom, scared by all these new people. A woman who was tall and plumpish wandered over to us smiling. She was dragging a young boy with her who was my age. He was hiding behind her too. We stared at each other whilest the Moms talked. He stepped forward so I could see him, and I noticed that he was tall and skinny. He had dirty blonde hair and wore a boyish death necklace round his neck. He looked at me and grinned. I stepped forward, my long brown hair sweeping forward in the soft breeze. My mom smiled at the boy.

'Hello, whats you're name?'



'David, but I prefer Dave' he said crossing his arms around his body. Well, it was chilly.

'Well, David this is Kana. I hope you will be friends with her' His mother said looking at him. He smiled at me kindly.

'Yeah sure. I'll be friends with her. Come with me' he said, holding out his hand. I looked at my Mom, she looked at me urging me to go with him. So I took his hand, and that's when we became the best of friends. We done everything with each other and everytime we were sad, the other cheered them up. When my family moved to Gorebridge, to make it easier to get to school, we lived across the road from David so we played with each other anytime we could. We grew up together going through, School shows, Graduation, going up to High school and winning awards. Now we're sixteen and in 4th year. Next year we go into 5th year. I turned the shower off, dragged the curtain back and jumped out. I dressed in the St. Davids uniform in double quick time and appling my heavy gothic make-up. I'm not Goth, I just wear Gothic stuff okay? But I brushed my brown hair out of my eyes and blow-dried it. After, I walked down the stairs just as a head poked out of the living room doorway.

'Hey Bell, hows you' I said as my dog jumped up on me and started to lick my ear. I laughed making her lick me even more. She was only three years old and she was already so tall. She was Bichon Frise, a cross breed pronounced Bee-chon- Freeze,  with brown and white patches. When I was nine, everyone was getting pets, so I wanted one. We went to pet shops and homes, but I didn't like any of them. We then saw Bella, under some blankets on our doorstep. A written note was there wishing me a happy birthday. My Mom and Dad both were wondering who it was from, but I knew. I remembered the handwritting. The next day, I hugged David.

'Thanks Dave, for the dog!'

'No prob Kana. Remember, I'll always be with you.'


I feed Bella, then watched the TV. The rest of the two hours went by in fast forward. When the clock said quater past eight, I grabbed my bag and hoodie opening the front door.

'Bye!' I called with a murmer of bye from my parents. I shut the door and ran for the bus stop. David turned and smiled, his lightly tanned skin glowing in the soft sun.

'Hey Kan...'

Then the world exploded, pushing me and David into a massive brick wall.

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