The thrill of the chase.

The story of a girl who's just after a little thrill and romance.


1. I love you.


I'll stalk you, endlessly. I'll check out your Facebook five times a day, follow all your play-lists on spotify, maybe even follow you around up in town. I'll tell my friends I love you. Everything about you, even your faults, how you smoke, and treat my friends and teachers like shit. I love that about you. Your a tough guy, and I've always been a sucker for lost causes.....haven't I?   I'll ask you to hang out, and chances are, you'll say yes. I mean, we are friends. Slowly you'll start to fall in love with me, cause once you get to know me, i'm really not that bad. Besides, your girlfriend cheated on you, so you had to break up with her,'re in need of company. Who better than a naïve girl, who loves you ?   You'll admit you have feelings for me. We'll hang out a few times, flirt in school, or well you'll flirt with me, I have no idea how to flirt. Then I'll start to get bored of you, I mean ever since you admitted your feelings, you've changed. But I'll keep pretending I'm still in love with you. I mean, what's the summer without a flirt? Besides, I feel so grown up when I tell my friends I'm ''seeing someone'', or even better ''I'm spoken for''.    My mother will tell me to stop this. She likes him, for some odd reason. I'll defend myself. ''I have feelings for him'' I'll say.  In school I'll start avoiding you, but I'll get jealous when I see you with your female friends. I'll write once in a while, just to make sure you still think of me. I'll have dirty dreams of you, because I'll admit, your pretty hot...You know, after you've showered and shaved.   In the end i'll probably tell you I don't care for you anymore. I mean, I dream of the big city, and you want to live out in the countryside. And you're boring. I've realized, I'm out of your league.   Or maybe not.
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