Destination Destiny

Four girls brought together at Genesis High by their fate, now together they are at their strongest, but are unaware of their strength. Strange events start to happen at Genesis High, what seemed to be a normal High school isn't as it seems, there are dark secrets lurking all over the school.
The girls must come together and figure out what is happening before it is to late, will they get there in time? will they realise what or who they are?


1. Chapter One


Chapter 1


"Why are you sending me away so far!" Hope screams at her father, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

"For your own good, to give you the chance at a bright future, sweetheart am doing this for you" her father says calmly moving towards her. Hope steps back and looks into his eyes, tears still rolling down her eyes, she says in almost a whisper "you're sending me away because I remind you of mom, aren't you?" she looks away not wanting to see his reaction. She feels her father stiffen at what she just accused him off, in her heart she felt what she said was true, she was a exact replica of her mother. She also knew this pained her father very much, it has been about 5 years now since she passed away, and the memory of her hurt both of them. 

Her father stood up and slowly walked towards the door, he lingered there a moment, she turned to watch him leave, he looked back at her and all he said was, "I loved her very much and I know she loved us and would want us to be happy, this is why I worry of your future." With that he left the room leaving an echoing silence surrounding her and her thoughts, she buried her face in her pillow and cried herself to sleep.


A knock on the door woke her up, feeling groggy she started to open her eyes as she saw her bedroom door open. An old fragile lady walked in carrying a tray of food and juice, setting the tray down by Hope's bedside she sat down and stroked hope's hair. Hope slid her head into her lap and closed her eyes taking in her grandmother's lavender fragrance. "I don't want to go so far away and be away from you grammy" she said in a low tone tears dribbling down her face again. Her grandmother leaned down and kissed her lightly on  the forehead.

"Oh baby girl don't be upset, once you get there you will love it, and don't worry about me darling. This old thing still is fit and fine, and knows how to use Skype." they both giggled and laughed. "Now have your breakfast darling and get ready your flight to Oakland."  Hope looked at her grandmother and realised this was it, her destiny was to go to Oakland, she scrambled up and spent the next 2 hours preparing to leave her home where she grew up in to go to an unknown place to her. Shifting from London to a place in California, which she had heard of over the news or on TV but had never thought to visit let alone live in, would be a big change in her life. 


By midday Hope had packed and was ready to be dropped off at the airport, her father was not coming to the airport to drop her off, maybe because he was feeling guilt or miserable about his decision to send his daughter away. Hope gave her grandmother a hug, squeezing tight “love you grammy” she whispered as she let go and sat in the car and drove off to the airport.



Over in Atlanta Maya was packing her bags happily as her mother walked in with breakfast, “hey honey you excited to be going to your new school” she said putting the tray of toast and tea down onto the bedside table. She picks up a shirt and starts to fold it, she looks over at Maya with a feeling off joy and sadness, “am going to miss you pumpkin.”


“Mum am not 5 years old anymore am a teenager so stop calling me pumpkin” Maya says jokingly she knew her mum wouldn’t ever stop calling her that, she went over and gave her a cuddle. “You know we can talk on the phone everyday and if you really miss me we can face time, you know technology these days mom”. She slowly takes the shirt from her mom and stuffs it into her bag, and takes a bite of her toast as she starts to empty her jewellery drawers into her suitcase. “Right am all packed and ready to go” Maya says with triumph, “ohh almost forgot” she runs over to her closet and hidden beneath her shoe boxes is a little envelope. She hands it to her mother “will you put it on me?” Reaching inside her mother pulls out heart silver pendent with an amber stone in the middle, that she had given her for her 13th birthday, reaching around her neck she slides it on.

“It looks beautiful honey, and promise to always keep it on now for me, ok?” she says looking down at Maya, maya wasn’t very tall unlike her mother   Maya was small and petite but she had big green eyes. Her mother always had always felt maya could see through things with those big green eyes, and she could read maya like a book, her eyes said everything.


“Yes I will don’t worry, now come on lets go I don’t want to be late for the flight” she says pushing her mum towards the door, taking one last look inside she smiles and leaves. Her brother took the bags to the taxi and gave his sister a playful smile.


“So now you’re going I can use your CD player and have the TV all to myself” he said jokingly.


“No way in hell you’re getting my CD player” she said sticking her tongue out at him.  Her brother and her laughed for a moment, and then she went over gave her mother a last squeeze before sitting in the taxi.  Maya relaxed back into her seat and thought about how great her mother was, despite being a single parent, her mother had brought her up well with meeting all hers and her brothers wants and needs.



Back at the Heathrow airport, Hope checks in and waits by the gateway to get on abroad, this is it am leaving London, leaving my home and friends, despair sets in and she feels saddened. A lady speaks over the speakers requesting the passengers to board, she walks on and finds her seat. Looking around she sees an old couple behind her and a mother and baby across her, oh great a crying baby she thinks, this is going to be so much fun. Lifting her suitcase up she tries to put it away but can’t reach. “Oh great” she murmurs, why I got to be so short thinking angrily.


“May I help you there”

Looking around to see who offered help she turns around to see a guy behind her smiling down at her, he looked closed to her age maybe a bit older with soft brown hair and blue eyes.


“So you need a hand?” he asks again


Coming back to earth “yes please” she says her tone low feeling shy and embarrassed for staring.  He helps her put her luggage away and then stands there looking at her as if waiting for her on something. “Urmm o yes thank you” she says nodding her head.


“Its ok, my pleasure” looking up at the seat number he looks at her again and asks “so would you like the window seat?”


Astound she would be sitting next to him she thinks about how much better her trip just got. “if you don’t mind” the guy moved out of the way so Hope could slide in, she sat down and adjusted her seat to a comfortable position. Hope hadn’t ever flown without her father before so was feeling nervous, but hoping that the guy next to her would be a good distraction, she turned round to look at him. He was looking around for his seat belt and Hope pointed it out for him, “here you go” passing the belt over to him.


“Thank you, I don’t fly often and I guess am a bit nervous” he admitted Hope laughed and he watched her laugh, first time he had seen a smile on her face since he had watched her check in. ‘What’s so funny?”


“Oh nothing, it’s just that it’s my first time flying solo as well, guess we can both accompany each other” she said relaxing back into her seat. She extended her hand out to him,  “oh how silly of me for not introducing myself, am Hope Farrington” she smiled at him.


“Hey nice to meet you Hope” he said taking her hand, hope  looked at him expecting him to introduce himself, he caught the look. “Am Ryan Saunters” he says as a response.


“Well it’s nice to meet you Mr Saunters” Hope says in her best posh British accent, and they both fall about laughing.


Time passes by as Hope and Ryan and Hope keep themselves busy discussing how each others lives have been so far and for what reason they both are flying up to Oakland. Soon they have arrived at the airport collected luggage and passed security, where hope turns around to Ryan and says “well this is it we go separate ways from here” feeling a little sad at the thought of parting from another friend, new but still a friend he was.


“That doesn’t mean we won’t see each other again past those doors” Ryan says as he slips a piece of paper in her hand, “that’s my number, feel free to call anytime. Maybe I could be your guide around Oakland” he says smiling. Hope smiles and takes the paper, feeling happy at the thought of Ryan being her tour guide, the last few hours on the airplane had been fun and she wanted that to remain. They parted at the main doors as Hope got into a car that’s driver had been stood by it with her name board, she watched Ryan get into a taxi and watched it drive away. The driver gets into the driver seat turns around to look at Hope.


“Welcome to Oakland Miss Farrington” she smiles and then looks out the window as they drive. This is it, my new life and am determined to prove that I will be fine without my dad, I don’t need him to hold my hand at every step.     



Meanwhile over in Oakland Maya had reached the gates of Genisis High, she peers out of the taxi that she caught from the airport, looking out at the mansion type building, Maya is overwhelmed “Wow” she gasps.


“Did you say something ma’am?” the driver asks looking into the rear view mirror.


“No no was just admiring the building, is this Genisis High?”


“Yes it is, and you are right to be amazed, it is one of the most beautifully constructed architects in Oakland”


“That it is” Hope agrees as she steps out of the car onto the steps the main door way. The driver unloads her luggage for her as she stares at the beautiful doors to the mansion, a middle aged lady walks towards her, looking pleased to see her. She comes on over and introduces herself to Maya.


“Hello Maya I am Mrs Cane” she says as she reaches out a hand towards her, maya stars at her feeling surprised, but comes to her sense quickly she shakes her hand.


“Nice to meet you Mrs Cane, urmm how did you know my name?” she asks curiously.


“We were expecting you Maya its not every day we get a student come to a new school in mid term, maya blushes.


“Oh yes of course not silly me I should have guessed” feeling embarrassed at her question, mrs Cane simply smiles at her, watching her smile reminded Maya of her mother. “I should call my mother to let her know I have arrived safely” she says reaching for her bag to get her bag.


“Yes, but come inside first and you can call her from your room when your settled In” Maya follows her in and as she walks in there is another girl at what looked liked registry desk in a hotel. Maya this is Hope, like you this is her first day at Genesis High, you two will be room partners. Maya and Hope smile at each other, both getting a tingling sensation as they shake hands feeling a familiarity between the two. However for now they ignore this feeling and follow mrs Cane towards the elevators.

 “Girls you can leave your luggage there, it will be brought up to you room, oh and also Welcome to Genesis High”. 

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