A Moment.

Being a boy with a love for boybands, isn't always easy. Espacially not for 17 year old Toby, who has been dealing with everyday teasing since he became a fan of the amazing boyband One Direction. As he tries to see the postive side of life, he finds himself in an astonishing situation he will never forget..


1. One Shot.



As I dragged my feet across the dirty floor, I couldn't help staring at the big wooden door at the end. I was afraid. I hated turning the handle down, walking into a room full of hate. 

When I reached the door, I had no choice but to lay my hand on the cold metal, and enter the room. A sight of happiness, laughter and fun met my sight, but still I rushed down to my place. I started counting. 1 2 3..... 10 11..... 23... 30... 36. Thirty-six seconds. That was how long they could leave me alone. I had the words "gay" "fag" "loser" and much worse thrown right at me, and even though I was completely used to it, I was still trying to hold the tears back. 

When they finally left me alone, I pulled out my headphones, and clicked them into my Iphone. The moment I pressed play, I disappeared; it was as if I was in a completely different world. The sweet tones of Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn flew from ear to ear, and I felt far away from reality. "Save you tonight" was playing, and somehow it just made me feel better. 

And then it hit me.


It was today.

The day I had been counting down to, ever since I found out that my 5 idols would be hosting a meet and greet. With their music coming out of my headphones, and the thought of meeting them, made me forget all the terrible things that had just been said to me. Nothing could knock me down today.

As soon as the bell rang, I grabbed my worn out bag, and ran as fast as my legs could keep up with. Ignoring all the weird looks and silent whispers, I rushed through the crowded streets, only heading for the bus stop. When I got there, I saw about 15 girls; properly from the ages 11-18. All of them had a huge smile across their face, and most of them had a piece of clothing with 1D printed on it somewhere. My heart shrunk a little, when the thought of not being able to join there fangirling struck me. Like everyone else, I'm sure they wouldn't accept me, a boy fan. The bus came towards us, and butterflies starting growing in my stomach. I was so damn exited. 

I quietly found an available seat, and sat down. More than anything, I wanted to join the girls with all their singing, screaming when the bus came closer to our stop, and laughing at those little intern jokes. I was just about to plug my headphones in, when I heard a small voice next to me. 

"Hey, where are you going?" A dark red-haired girl said, as she smiled at me. She had freckles spread over her face, and a bit crooked teeth. "Um, I'm just.. eh" I didn't really know what to reply. "Oh I see, you’re going to the One Direction meet, you just won't admit it, haha" She giggled, but I'm sure she meant it as a tease, and not as an insult. "Well... yeah" I smiled back at her, I could at least just try to join the group of fans. "Awesome! What's your name?" She asked. "Toby" I snorted. She turned her head to face some girls; most likely her friends, and shouted "Girls, this is Toby!" My face turned a bit red, but I tried to play it cool. The girls each said hi, and we just spent the rest of the bus ride talking about how exited we were. 

When we finally got there, my heart started racing.

So many girls were standing close together, all hoping for the same as me. To get to see some of the most inspiring people in the world. I almost got cold feet, when a voice came out of the speakers that had been set up. 

"One Direction will be arriving any minute." 

All the girls started freaking out and scream, while I just stood there - with a gigantic smile spread across my lips. I couldn't believe this was really happening. The screams got louder and almost made me deaf, when 5 handsome faces came to our sight. 

My heart was pounding like crazy, as I pushed my way through screaming and crying girls, to get closer to my goal. It wasn't that hard for me, since I was taller and stronger than most of them. I didn't realise how close I had gotten, until a very familiar voice with an Irish accent laughed; "Hey!" I turned around, to see the one and only Niall Horan, standing only a few centimetres away from me. It was like my heart stopped beating, and I just stood there. To meet someone that meant so much to me and my life, was a feeling that couldn't be explained. I felt my eyes start to get watery, but I didn't care. Without thinking, I grabbed him, and gave him the biggest hug I had ever given. I could tell he was surprised, but then he hugged me back. I pulled away, and with tears rolling down my eyes I whispered; "Thank you". Niall gave me a smile, and the look in his eyes told me that I was welcome. 

I continued walking, when I felt a poke at my shoulder. I turned my head, to see another familiar face. Liam and Harry who had poked me, stood in front of me. First Niall, now them. The butterflies inside of me went crazy. "Are you okay?" Liam asked, and I could hear a little shade of worry in his tone. "I am perfect. All my dreams are coming true" I cried. Harry looked a bit confused, and then asked me; "What?"

We got interrupted by Louis, who managed to get over to us, despite the fact that 2 or 3 girls were grabbing his clothes. "What's the matter?" He asked, and his well known voice have me goose bumps. 

"Nothing’s wrong, I'm just so happy. Being a male fan of you is harder than anyone thinks. Sometimes I consider just forgetting it all, but then your songs lift me up. I know you’re just 5 normal boys, but you 5 mean the world to me".

They all stood, not saying a word, just staring at me. 

I couldn't believe I had just said that. It was the truth, but that's not something you just say to people. Meanwhile, Zayn had joined us, and most of the girls up front had stopped screaming. When I realised what had happened, another tear rolled from my eye. Then Liam put his hand on my shoulder, and said the words I never would forget. "You're just as amazing as we are, don't forget that."

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