Summer Mist

Summer has always lived with her grandparents, but has never felt at home there. Her whole life seems to have been a lie, and she has never been able to open up to anyone. That is, until she meets Cameron, and all of her secrets begin to unravel.


4. The Chase Begins

I now don't know what to do with myself. I mean, I'm convinced that our meeting was fate; we've got to be together. But come on, Summer, I tell myself. What are the chances of meeting him again, and even if that does happen, him liking you? No boy has ever shown any interest in you before, so why are you expecting this seemingly god-like boy to want to go out with you? I shake my head, grab my watercolour pad, and flee from the strawberry field. I need time to think, and I need to plan how on earth I intend on getting to know this boy.

I run all the way back to the bungalow. I'm not usually a running sort of person, P.E lessons are essentially torture for me. My long wavy blonde hair is coming loose and strands are bouncing around my face, but nothing seems to matter anymore. I fling open the door and rush to my bedroom, slamming the door and flopping down on my bed.

Who the hell is he? In my tiny Cornish village, everyone knows everyone. There are hardly any people my age, it's mostly elderly people and the odd middle aged couple. He couldn't be a tourist either; it was only mid June so the holiday season hadn't started up yet. Plus, we don't even get a lot of tourists. When people come to Cornwall it's usually to stay by the sea, and the beach is a 20 minute drive away from here.

I hear a knock on my door and I look up to see Gran poking her head into my room.

"Hello, Summer, dear. Are you ok? I heard you come in but you didn't say hello."

I look up to see the slightly pained expression on her aged face. I smile weakly. I know how important it is to Gran and Grandad that I'm ok and happy. A lot of the time I'm quite far from it, actually, but they don't need to know that. It's not their fault that they're having to bring up a teenager when they should be enjoying retirement.

"Sorry, Gran. I'm fine, just a bit tired." I smile again and she disappears out of the door.

I know I'm lucky to have such caring grandparents, but it can get a bit too much. I guess they think that they can help rebuild a new me after my rocky past, but I know that that can never be achieved fully. They're just doing their best to paper over the cracks.

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