"I thought so."

There was a pause in which I started to walk a bit faster.

"You're a Premonitor."

I simply looked at him.


3. Tennessee

  We alighted the plane in Tennessee (which, I might add, was a long way from my England home) and walked straight past customs. What's more, security didn't seem to give a rat's- yeah, well, never mind.


   “Sorry.” I mumbled incoherently. A bunch of teenage girls outside looked insanely jealous, but Ashley just walked straight past them without even glancing. I couldn't see why they would be jealous, it was obvious I wasn't with him. Maybe they thought I was pretty enough to be his girlfriend. I was flattered. I guess.

   Someone's following us.

   I looked behind me, and sure enough, there was a man stalking us. I knew that he would catch up with us in twenty-one seconds. Frowning, I wondered how I knew that... I just did.

   I thought so.

   There was a pause in which I started to walk a bit faster.

   You're a Premonitor.

   I simply looked at him.

   I'll explain later. In the meantime, run! He's about to catch up.

   It seems a bit pointless to say this, but we ran. I couldn't keep up with Ashley, so he grabbed my hand and practically dragged me along. The crowds parted for us, and glancing over my shoulder-

   Don't look over your shoulder. Pretend we are running for that taxi, which we're not.

   “Taxi!” I yelled. That's what they said here, right?

   Uh, don't do that.

   I immediately felt self conscious. They evidently didn't shout “Taxi” at an airport. Or maybe because I drew even more attention to ourselves.

   We need to get to my friend over there. He teleports.

   My head was getting so full of new things that I wasn't concentrating. I tripped, incidentally yanking on Ashley's arm. I scrambled up as fast as I could, but it slowed us down by two seconds.

   Finally we reached Ashley's friend. We dived, crashing into the man, then the scene changed, with a brief bit of darkness between. I couldn't believe it.

   We were back at my house.

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