"I thought so."

There was a pause in which I started to walk a bit faster.

"You're a Premonitor."

I simply looked at him.


5. One of Three

   Ashley looked at me for a couple of seconds very obviously trying to maintain a straight face. Then he couldn't hold it in any longer. He sat there for five minutes (at least) laughing his head off at me, clutching his face. He eventually stopped and then he peeked through his fingers.

   "You are joking, right?"

   "No, I am not! This is fake I.D.! I'm not about to be led on by a telepathic person who claims they're from Atlantis! What do you take me for?" I chucked the leather "I.D." at Ashley. Let him burn it. It wasn't like I cared.

   I ran to the bathroom, and locked the door. I was . Does that even need mentioning? I think it's obvious I was pissed off. I was in there for about half an hour. I screamed a few times, so all-in-all, a temper tantrum... how embarassing... I wish I hadn't mentioned it now. I finally stopped yelling, and hicupped myself back into sixteen year old mode. Not six...

   You finished? Ashley. I should have known. Just let me explain. Please?

   "Explain what? Why you lied to me?"

   That's the thing. I didn't lie to you. You just don't believe me.

   "Well, I've been thinking, and I believe you now."

   He brightened up. Really?

   "NO!" I opened the door angrily, or it would have been, if it hadn't got stuck.

   "Do you get visions?" This was Nathaniel. "Of the immediate future?"

   "Um... yeah. Why?"

   "You're a Premonitor. Or rather, one of three Premonitors currently living."

   I raised my eyebrow. "I've only had them twice. It must have been coincidence. Surely?"

   I looked behind me. I could sense someone behind me.

   Ashley held up my medication. "This dampens your powers. Paranoia? Purlease." He rolled his eyes. "That feeling you get is completely normal for-"

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