"I thought so."

There was a pause in which I started to walk a bit faster.

"You're a Premonitor."

I simply looked at him.


2. Ashley

   The very first thing I noticed when I woke up was that my head hurt. I reached up to touch the join where my head joined the neck, grimacing. Second thing, I was on a plane for some unknown reason. Thirdly, a boy was staring at me. Well, it was more what he said that unnerved me.

   “Hey, Jaz. You OK?” It seemed like he knew me as if we had been friends for years...

   I had no idea who he was. He was slender, and from what I could tell, tall. It was impossible to know for certain, because he was sitting down. He had a strong angular face with smoky grey eyes.

   “Um, I don't want to seem rude, but who the hell are you?”

   He looked taken aback. Apparently, he was not expecting this reaction.

   “Uh...” he spluttered. “Well...”

   And more to the point, what the hell am I doing on this plane with a complete stranger?” My voice had risen by this point, which caused a hostess to come over.

   “Is something the matter?” She looked both annoyed and concerned. “Can I get you anything?”

   Before I could answer, the boy next to me said something very rude to her. She looked very affronted and walked away to her fellow hostesses and they started to gossip, glaring at him. He smiled and waved back sarcastically.

   “Why did you say that to her? She was only doing her job.”

   “Well, if her job was being nosy, then she's doing it very well. People just don't get personal space nowadays...”

   I laughed. The mood instantly lightened and somehow I knew I could trust him. Which reminded me.

   “So, what's your name?” I said casually.


   “Cool. I'm-”

   “Jazmine. I know. You prefer to be called Jaz though. You got attacked at your house and was very annoyed to find that you found yourself on a plane.”

   My jaw dropped open. How did he know that? I didn't voice this out loud. After all, most of my questions were still unanswered.

   “I just know. And it's best that way.”

   “Are you telepathic or something?”


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