"I thought so."

There was a pause in which I started to walk a bit faster.

"You're a Premonitor."

I simply looked at him.


1. Prologue

   “And it's six in the morning, with very lovely weather, I might add. Now, the number one in the top forty to-”

   I clumsily smacked my alarm to make it shut up. I hated the radio, so why in the world did I-?

   I didn't. So who did?

   I was curious now, but very paranoid, so I grabbed my umbrella of all objects, and went downstairs, feeling more and more silly by the minute. If someone had broken in, an umbrella was hardly going to help. It didn't matter, because this was the best self defence I could find, and I was halfway down the staircase now, so I had to make do.

   At the bottom, all was quiet, and I felt like a fool. I sighed with relief, lowering my miniature umbrella. There was no-one there, and I hadn't taken my medication yet. It was my imagination running away with me.

   I was only aware of a swishing noise. Then-

   When I woke up, I was on a jet.



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