To Atlantis and Back

Have you ever wondered, in the darkest of moments, that your whole life has been a lie?

That, at the bottom of the ocean, there could lie a whole new civilisation, that none of us knew about?

And that even your twin, who you've trusted with your life, has betrayed you?

Because I've thought about it.

I've sat on the coast, wondering why they would do this to me.

And I'm determined to find out.


3. Sophia: Tempting Fate

They said there would be rain.


They were lying, I know that now. Maybe we all were, we were all lying to ourselves and hoping that rain would come. 


But it doesn't come.


Yesterday it started raining in the ocean, and Noah looked so angry. It scared me a bit, if I'm honest. His anger, I mean. We were sitting at the edge of the cliff, swinging our feet against the rock, tempting fate. Noah however, wasn't exactly tempting it like me. He was doing the sort of dangling-a-chocolate-bar-in-the-face-of-a-starving-child sort of thing. He was smashing his feet against the rock over and over, like he wanted it to break, like he wanted his life to end. 

I jumped up and backed away from the rock, trying to pull him back. He pushed me away, and looked at me weird, telling me to leave him be. I was scared to leave him, as he asked. Okay, scrap that, I was terrified. But still, I nodded mutely and walked away.


Stupid Sophia, stupid



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