To Atlantis and Back

Have you ever wondered, in the darkest of moments, that your whole life has been a lie?

That, at the bottom of the ocean, there could lie a whole new civilisation, that none of us knew about?

And that even your twin, who you've trusted with your life, has betrayed you?

Because I've thought about it.

I've sat on the coast, wondering why they would do this to me.

And I'm determined to find out.


1. Prologue


The sea is where it all started,

We evolved there, And we will die there.  

The sea pulled the lost city,

down with it.  

Because the sea is hungry,

for our bones.   

And the sea is thirsty, 

for our fear.  

But the city of paradise,

where the streets are paved with gold,  

Is not gone.  


It is just waiting, 


to be found. 

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