Story of Rachel a young girl she wakes in a island near the beach forgetting who she is was and how she got here all she remembers is a shadow and a knife.But she doesn't know somebody wants her dead or alive.


2. Lost


I wake up to see the sun bright and shining. I stand up dazed and confused where am I and what am I doing here. I look around at my surrounding. It’s a beach. What am I doing in a beach? Who am I.I look at myself. I am wearing an old white dress all white and torn. There is sand in my hair I shake my hair and sand falls out. I close my eyes and try to remember anything.

All I can remember is a dark stranger and a knife. I open my eyes and look at my hand. There is a purple-black scar on my wrist the blood flowing out of my hands. I remember myself walking something was following me and a knife. I look around hoping to see any sign of life. Who had left me here? I shout and walk around thinking how I got here and how I was going to get back home.

I walk searching for anything that would help me remember anything. I couldn’t even remember who I was and how I got here. I look around to find anything to get me home.

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