Creatures of the sky

There are things, they live all around humans, they plague the clouds, they watch over us. They speak through the seagulls, the seagulls speak through them. A prophecy is fortold...


1. The Prophecy

I love going for a walk in the woods every now and then, it helps me clear my mind, and get away from my incredibly overbearing parents. The sheer beauty of the woods seems to always calm me down. My house is just on the other side of the woods, all I ever have to do to get here is leap over my high garden wall and I am here. I grew up in these woods, they are a part of me somehow.

Then my mother calles me in. That's odd, she never calls me in unless... That must be it. The council have no doubt called one of their meetings together once again. Great. These 'meetings' tend to be either: forms of punishment for someone's crimes, or an important message to the whole world.

I scale the nearest tree, and begin jumping from one tree to the next, quickly descending the tree nearest my house. If either of my parents knew that I even did that then I would never be allowed here again. Let alone the far more dangerous things that I do here.

Scrambling up the wall using my most trusted set of cracks and footholds I haul myself up. I sit there for a moment, admiring the seagulls as they fly across the sky. How wonderful it must be to just fly off into the distance and to have no impending government, council or parents holding you back from your dreams. Wow. If only that was me.

If only... Gradually I come back to Earth and realise that my mother is watching me, a sad look on her face. I know she just wants me to be normal, but I can't possibly succumb myself to normality and rules. I am a free spirit trapped in the body of myself. I jump down onto the soft ground of my garden and land perfectly on centre.

My dearest mother explains why I have been called in and my suspicions are confirmed. The council have ordered a meeting in the town square immediately. That meeting is then to be televised for the whole world to see. The rules for this is simple. You have to arrive promtly at 11am, the only exceptable excuse fo not attending these meetings is if you are on your deathbed. If you are found to not fit this excuse then you will be publicly executed for disobaying the council. Seeing as the event is televised you are also expected to act cheerful and wear your best clothes.

Mother and I, not wishing to be late, head down there at 10 am. We then begin the soul distroying walk down to the square. Endless amounts of streets go by, and by the time we get there I feel like dropping to my knees in exhaustion. When we arrive at the square, I have to put my hand on a scanner that is ice cold to touch, and to wait for my name to flash on the screen before the huge mechanical gates open infront of me. My mother follows suit, and we arrive just in time to see President Aroda's face flash up on the large projection board.

First he starts off with the usual ramble about our county's past and the way our county came to be. 'More like our prison'  I think to myself. Then he actually starts saying something that I become interested in.

"Long ago, in the time of the ancient witches, a prophecy was fortold, one that may concern the people of our generation. Children particularly. The prophecy clearly states that one day, a young girl at roughly the age of fourteen, will be able to see something beyond the imagination. That one girl, could be the most amazing being that ever existed. If you know anything at all to do with this prophecy, then come forward as soon as possible or face punishments, some fatal." The President pauses for effect before going on. "This could mean life or death for some of you. You have two days, goodbye."

I can't believe it. As I hear him, my muscles become more and more tense. I am fourteen years old.

Two days. To do what?




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