Creatures of the sky

There are things, they live all around humans, they plague the clouds, they watch over us. They speak through the seagulls, the seagulls speak through them. A prophecy is fortold...


2. Punishments start

Each day dragges onwards. Soon enough, the two days are up and no-one has come forward with any information. I watch in absolute horror at the current sight infront of me. A young woman around the age of twenty is being frog marched up to the town's stage. Everyone is gathered around, having been personally called by two men arriving at their door. Some people attempted to struggle against these people as they were being grabbed roughly by the wrists and told to be absolutely silent meanwhile being haphasardly dragged towards the square. These men claim themselves to be the 'Rounders', they are sent towards people's houses to round them up.

Even though they know it's wrong, every single eye is cast upon the stage in a desperate attempt to find out what it is that is going on, then, everyone wishes they hadn't. The poor woman is being strapped up and clipped in to a, thankfully not lethal, stretching table. After this, all I can physically hear is the agonised screams escaping the woman's lips. After half an our of this torture, the, now broken boned, woman is let down from the table before collapsing to the ground, unconscious. Once again, the president's face flashes up on the progection board. The familiar taste of utter loathing comes into my mouth and I watch, discusted, as he lectures us once again and says that, until some information arises, punishments like this will happen daily. Each punishment becoming more and more sinester.

His eyes eventually lock onto mine, and his lips form into a smirk that could curdle milk. Then a mere two sentences escape his lips, sentences that make me freeze in pure terror. "All fourteen year old girls stay here until further notice, everyone else must leave. Thankyou and goodbye." With that, his image vanishes from the screen and I watch in horror as my mother is led away. Then, I am grabbed from behind.

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