Creatures of the sky

There are things, they live all around humans, they plague the clouds, they watch over us. They speak through the seagulls, the seagulls speak through them. A prophecy is fortold...


3. Help!

The sound of gunfire rattles through the square as I battle against the hands that bind me. A large brown sack is forced upon me, covering me in a shroud, and by the sounds of anguish and fury that are echoing around me, the same is happening to everyone in the square. As my last resort, I keep my feet firmly on the ground in a desperate attempt to stop the bag from covering my feet, only to find myself rising into the air as strong arms lift me far off the floor, the bag is shut tight and soon enough, as the air runs out I find myself struggling to breath. Thuds from all around me indicate that I am one of the few left standing. As the stars begin to dance in and out of my vision. I witness my knees buckle beneath me and I find myself falling swiftly to the floor.

When I feel as though all of my strength has been sapped out of me, I notice that the ground below myself is growing ever hotter, the ground actually, judging by the sensations on my skin, is beginning to bubble. As the point comes where I can barely seem to keep my eyes open and the pain in my lungs is numbing, a hammerblown force hits my back and I am sent flailing into the air, then, I know no more.

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