Creatures of the sky

There are things, they live all around humans, they plague the clouds, they watch over us. They speak through the seagulls, the seagulls speak through them. A prophecy is fortold...


5. Explanation

I am led across the courtyard and through some old oak doors, the doors are carved with impossibly intricate patterns which I simply can't even dream of comprehending. As we step through the doors, I find myself in a deserted corridor filled with more patterns and general strangeness than I can take in at first glance. The whole place seems... free, relaxed and everything I have longed for all my life. But I cannot see my mother anywhere, I don't know where I am or how I got here, I don't even know the name of the boy next to me.

"What is all of this?" I ask, trying not to let any of my panic seep into my voice. The boy next to me mutters something under his breath, as if he was a five year old searching for the correct way to put something, before stating, quite abruptly;

"This is... my school, sort of. Well, more my training centre, this is where the gifted go..." He trailed off anxiously, as if he was worried he had said too much.

"Gifted, but wha- what do you mean?" I gabble, even more confused now.

"Look, it isn't really my place to tell you any more then that, I may have said too much already. But, all I really know is that there has been a lot going around recently, rumours about things like prophecies, tales of old, and then you just appeared on the courtyard floor, so I figured that I would just take you to The Mistress, and see what she said. My name's Harley, by the way." He explained.

"Mine's Melanie. But wait...who is The Mistress?" I inquire.

"The woman that I am taking you to see." He says, before walking on in silence, and I have no choice but to follow.


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