Creatures of the sky

There are things, they live all around humans, they plague the clouds, they watch over us. They speak through the seagulls, the seagulls speak through them. A prophecy is fortold...


4. Clouds

When my eyes flutter open, the sack is gone, and I feel as though I could go and run a marathon in twenty seconds, twice! I feel weighless, as though nothing could ever stop me from reaching my dreams. The first thing that I see is the sky, a brilliant blue, and almost so close that I could reach out and touch it with ease. One thing that strikes me is, the aren't any clouds to be seen. Then I realise that the floor beneath me isn't a floor, it is light and fluffy, light cotton wool turned into gas. I sit up and gasp. I am sitting on a cloud! I look around in an attempt to gather my surroundings, a mix of fear and delight rushing through me. I am in the middle of a vast castle courtyard, the world seems to stretch on for years and I slowly begin to realise that although a castle is clearly surrounding me, the atmosphere and general buzz and hubbub of the place remind me of a... school. This is wrong, says a voice inside my head the only type of school you have ever been to has been, shall we say, modern. A voice jogs me out of my thoughts and says, " So, I hear you're the new girl." I whirl around, startled, and see before me a boy, about my age, with incredibly messed up blonde hair and dark eyes. A smirk crosses his face as he looks me up and down and says, in a bored tone, "What are you waiting for? Follow me."

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