my psychopathic love

love is beautiful. it is the best. exept when the one you love wants to kill you...
my story of my perfect boy, and his one defect. he's a psycopath.


1. The Nightmare

This can't be happening. Not now. Not ever. My body is backed up against a wall as he walks closer to me. Close enough for me to smell his breath; Close enough for him to sense my fear.He reaches out to touch my cheek, but i move my head away. "Touchy, are we?" He drawled in a sly, slimy voice that sent a shiver down my spine. A smile spread across his lips, but there was nothing sweet about it. He suddenly lunged at me. His arms outstreched, his dark eyes filled with anger and hatred, his mouth curled up in a vicious snarl...

 I gasped and sat up, my whole body shaking. The alarm clock to my right said it was three am, and outside my window the peeking sun cast a warm orange glow on the black nights sky. I pulled off the covers and started shuffling towards the kitchen.

The light thud of my feet hitting the floorboards was comforting against the silence of the house. I grabbed a glass from the counter and put it under the tap, letting the cool water run over my hands before filling up the glass and then gulping it down. The coldness of it was refreshing on my dry throat. I sat down, exausted, and tried to recap on what had just happened.

Jake was there, for starters. Jake, who had repeatedly tried to kill me. Jake, who had the temper of a lion with toothache. Jake, whom i am desperatly in love with.

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