my psychopathic love

love is beautiful. it is the best. exept when the one you love wants to kill you...
my story of my perfect boy, and his one defect. he's a psycopath.


2. the flashback

As the bell rang i picked up my books and headed towards the door. There was no way i was going to be late for French again! While i was walking along the corridor, my mind drifted and i ended up thinking of last nights dream. Why was Jake there? The last time i'd seen him he was holding a bread knife up to my face. I tried to stop it, but the terrifying event crawled back into my mind.

My mouth is as dry as cotton wool and my heart is pounding so loud wouldn't be suprised if it woke the neighbours. My hands are cold and clammy and i'm shaking so hard i'm about to let go of the chair, the only thing between me and the knife.

Its jagged edges were stained and dull. but still sharp. I tried to swallow, but my tounge just felt like a big roll of sandpaper.

"Put the chair, down." He demanded. I did not.

"PUT IT DOWN!"  I jumped at the forcefulness in his voice, and lowered it down slowly. As i did i couldn't help noticing the way he flexed his muscles without noticing, or the slight curl in his raven black hair, or the way he would look much hotter if he didn't glower all the time. I hated myself for thinking those things. I hate the way that i notice every movement, every detail. He moved closer to me, stroking the side of the blade against my voice box. He was playing me. Taunting me. Killing me.

I shook the memory out of my head and walked on,letting my aubern hair fall over my face as i entered the classroom.

French was slow and easy, so yet again i was thinking of the nightmare. There was something about it that wouldn't leave me, that couldn't leave me. I know it was a dream, but it was different to all the other dreams i'd ever had. It had felt so... real. Like i was atually standing on the hard concrete, the wind ruffling my hair. It was so close... I look up, and try to concentrate on the lesson.                        Mrs Viveene- Trent is concentrating on the whiteboard so much she doesn't notice me leaving.

"I just need to clear my head." I muttered to myself. I walked along, eventually found a chair in the hall and collapesed into it. I was just starting to try and work things out when a voice filled the room.

"Hey, claire-bear." Melissa stauntered and pulled me up for a hug. She was looking as... Her, as ever, with purple streaks in her sandy hair, and chains covering her leather skirt. Then, out of the blue, i burst into tears. 

I tell her everything i know about the nightmare, all the flashbacks, the real-ness, everything. once id finished i gasped for breath, and waited tentativley for a response.

"Ok... i think your just nervous about him, because he's a... um..."

"- Killer? yeah i got that." I sighed. I was getting nowhere.

"But.." Melissa reluctantly asked. "You never did tell me.. Why did he try to kill you?"

All the colour drained out of my face. "" I stammered. Suprisingly, i was interrupted by a horrible ringing noise, the fire alarm. Me and Melissa were suddenly swept along a sea of panicking pupils.

Saved by the bell.


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