my psychopathic love

love is beautiful. it is the best. exept when the one you love wants to kill you...
my story of my perfect boy, and his one defect. he's a psycopath.


3. the alley

The fresh air was cool and crisp, which wasn't suprising for mid- september. My brown- green eyes studied everything around me, all the passing faces. Sometimes i wonder whats going on in their heads. All their thoughts, memories, troubles. I looked around, and saw a pair of dark, angered eyes staring right at me. But as soon as they had appeared, they were gone. I had a weird sense of deja vu, where had i seen those eyes before? I shrugged it off and kept walking across the pavement. As i turned the corner, and suddenly it became a lot quieter. The apple trees in the surrounding gardens leaned over the fence, wishing me hello. The leaves were beautiful shades of gold, red and brown. I had never felt so peaceful, but my gut insisted there was something wrong.

I was just about to cross the road, when i noticed an alleyway to my left. i had never agknowledged it before, but now it seemed to be screaming at me. My head firmly told me no, but my feet weren't listening. Each step made me nauseous, but i felt like i had to go down it. I came to the end and...


It was empty. All there was was a large metal door on one side and an overflowing rubbish bin. I was about to turn round when i saw something moving in the shadows. I peered closer, and a man stepped out. I gasped in shock.

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