my psychopathic love

love is beautiful. it is the best. exept when the one you love wants to kill you...
my story of my perfect boy, and his one defect. he's a psycopath.


4. He's back


This cant be happening. Not now. Not ever. My body is backed up against a wall as he walks closer to me. Close enough for me to smell his breath; close enough for him to sense my fear. He reaches out to touch my cheek, but i move my head away. "Touchy, are we?" He drawled in a sly, slimey voice that sent a shiver down my spine. A smile spread across his lips, but there was nothing sweet about it. He suddenly lunged at me, his arms outstreched, his dark eyes filled with anger and hatred, his mouth curled up in a vicious snarl.

Jake grabbed my throat and squeezed hard. I could't breath, the world went hazy. I tried to prize his hands off my neck, but he was too strong. I couldnt think properly as i desperatley tried to kick him, but i kept missing. He squeezed harder, his brow furrowed in concentration. I gave one last kick, and hit bullseye. Jake's eyes popped, and he released me. He collapesd onto the ground in a quivering wreck; i tried to move away, but then he grabbed my ankle.

"You killed macie." He hoarsley whispered.


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