my psychopathic love

love is beautiful. it is the best. exept when the one you love wants to kill you...
my story of my perfect boy, and his one defect. he's a psycopath.


6. Dead at last

Macie let out a short scream before collapsing to the floor in a pool of her own blood. She lay there, as still as stone. Her eyes had gone glassy. But just to be sure, i pull out the knife, and gently push it into her heart. If she wasn't gone then, She is now. I stood up, pleased with my work, and headed towards the door. But i didn't get far. Jake stared at me with a look that i couldn't really explain. He stepped towards Macie, before collapsing at her feet, tears silently tumbling down his cheeks.

"How could you?" He whispered. "How could you do that?" He got up, and started stumbling towards me. His eyes gave away all his anger and hurt. But he will love me. Eventually. "I had to! She took you away from me!" I cried.

"I broke up with you months before i met macie!"

"Then why did you break up with me?"

"Simple." He answered coolly. "I don't love you."

The memory flashed before my eyes in a second. "You're mine!" I hissed.

"No, im not. No-one loves by force." 

I felt a growl rising in my throat.

"Im not going to argue." He breathed.

"Then at least let go of my ankle" I smiled as sweetly as i could muster. As he gingerely let go, i stepped back and pulled out my knife, still coated in macie's blood. I knelt down until i was sitting on his chest. His heart was beating fast; soon it would beat no more. His chocolate brown eyes filled with confusion and fear as i brought down the knife closer to his neck."You will understand someday." I whispered as i carved a deep gash in his gullet. He let out a final whimper.

He was gone.

I lay down on the concrete, wrapping my arms around Jake's lifeless body. I rubbed my cheek against the the soft fabric of his shirt, and took hold of the knife. I drew the blade to my slender wrist. As the knife entered my flesh, i bit my lip to stop myself crying. I watched in awe as the blood trickled out; the stream steadily getting thicker. My ruby red blood was mixing with Jake's, creating a colourful lake around us. I slashed my other wrist, and smiled.

Soon i would be with Jake, forever.



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