Stop Hurting Me

Bonnie is used to the occasional bullying. Now its Worse and personal. She creates a Facebook to help her concentrate other things in her life.But she knows she can't hide and its becomes worse.


1. The comments


I open my Facebook and look at my page and see I have a friend request from someone called LiaBabez I click cancel and click on the person. I see there page to see there a girl who goes to my school. I scroll down her page into the link that says BonnieHaters.I go to close it but my curiosity takes the better of me. I click on the link to see a websites with a picture of me. I scroll down and gasp at the comments.

StephenBliss: Bonnie is such a bitch.Noone wants her go to hell

Moocow: I know die Bonnie

LiaLoo: She’s such a S.L.U.T like her mother

I close my Facebook and cry letting the tears fall out of my face. Why do they hate me what did I do to them. I am so upset the sadness weighs on my shoulder and hauls me down. They hated me because I was different. I used to get good grades but after the bullying started my grades dropped. I hate Lia she’s this mean girl in my school she’s what you call a dumb blonde not that blonde’s are dumb well she is anyway. She asked to copy my exam work and I said no I did all the hard work. It took me months and she thinks that just because I am shy that I will do whatever she says. But I won’t. I always get bullied in every school I go. At least in my old school I had a friend her name was Ally I miss her she was the only person who talked to me and lend me a shoulder to cry on. When I moved I thought I would get a new friend but no. What did I do? I wish I was pretty and popular not a nerdy freak.

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