Lone Tree

This is my first movella! This is a story I wrote ages ago as part of school work. It isn't that long but I want to know how people like my style of writing, and any improvements. Its a tragic love story with a wierd twist. Please read on...


5. The Boy

The first time she ever saw him, she knew that he was the love of her life. His thick blonde curls settled around his face, he had light blue eyes surrounded by thick lashes; he was an angel to most people eyes, especially to hers. He almost danced around the place, breaking everyone’s hearts with his sweet ways and polite manners; everyone wanted a son like him. His heart was said to be pure gold, if only it could be said about his heart in real life, his heart was full of hatred, no love filled his body. He wanted revenge on anyone who petted him. The only one he didn’t hate, he thought didn’t notice him. She loved him with all her heart, but didn’t know whether the same could be said about him to her. They both loved each other. Both were too shy to say anything thinking the other didn’t notice them in any way.


Life was torture for both children, whenever they saw each other; it was only for a split second. They couldn’t speak to each other; they were too different in many ways. Her dresses had become near to rags, bags always under her eyes. The children tired her out so much she couldn’t make time enough to eat. His life was filled with love from other people, his room full of gifts and toys. His personnel tutor always praising him. He had the finest clothes that anyone had ever seen.


By now news had got round the house about the many disappearances, it was coming near to her day off when she was told. “I’m afraid you can’t go back to your mother on Sunday. She…well she has gone missing…dead most people say. We’re all very sorry, but lots of people have gone missing this past year.”

She was shocked. “And you didn’t even think of telling me my only mother had died until just now. Now I have nothing to look forward to, just a life as a maid for children that aren’t even my own!”

“Well we really only just heard, the police have been very hushed up about it, but one of the newspapers published an article of names of people who have disappeared about a week ago.” She started to cry, her shoulders heaving up and down.

“What’s sort of a monster would do this to me. She can’t have just gone off, and left me for a life of misery. It isn’t fair, it just isn’t fair.”


The boy had also heard about the disappearances and set out to comfort the poor nurse of his two younger siblings. First he started to say a few words when the passed in the hallways. Then he sent tiny gifts with notes saying how sorry he was from your secret admirer. Then he sent poems and the most romantic letters up to her tiny attic room. Her despair lifted as she received each gift, hoping with all her thoughts that these were from the one she loved so much. She started to respond back and sent letters to the boy’s bedroom which he found later on his bed. Both of the children loved each other, and so they started up private meetings or talks. These they huddled into a corner of one of the many empty rooms and talked about their feelings as well as sometimes kissing passionately. The years started to pass, and she turned into a pretty young women of 15 with brains, he turned into a handsome young man of 16 also with brains. Through all those years of secret meetings, neither had ever told anyone else about their affair. It would have been forbidden.


Eventually one day, the boy asked for her hand in marriage at one of their meetings in the empty ballroom. “I have loved you since I first set eyes on you, and now I want you as my wife, but first there is one thing I must know. Your real name.”

“I accept your offer with all my heart, but I can’t give you my name for I have never had one and if I had I cannot remember it or will not find out.” His face fell at the news but still he slipped the rings onto her finger and told her to keep it out of harms way.


For another year she kept the ring in a little hole in the roof beams, she treasured it dearly, making sure no one found it. Until, the disappearances started once more…

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