Lone Tree

This is my first movella! This is a story I wrote ages ago as part of school work. It isn't that long but I want to know how people like my style of writing, and any improvements. Its a tragic love story with a wierd twist. Please read on...


7. Repeat in Time

The five children stared at the boat in disbelief. No one was around. How could the boat of left a wet trail if it hadn’t been touched for years. They huddled closer together, each sensing that something was wrong. They looked towards the ground near the boat, and saw wet footprints approaching them. No sound could be heard except from the five hearts beating faster and faster. What was it, was it a ghost. They could not see anything of the maker of the footprints. The water rippled slightly as if someone was swimming across the water towards them. As the ripples came closer and closer to where they were standing, each of them heard their grandfathers warning. “Whatever you do today, do not go down to the river bed. Something bad is happening today, I can feel it.” Each of the children had thought him slightly mad, and of course being children went down to the river bank where they found the boat and the parasol.


Now they could see a slight figure of a girl perhaps 15 years of age. Her bare feet and ragged dress barely visible for all the mist. The could see nothing of her eyes. The mist obscured most of her face. She kept on edging closer and closer to the children huddled in a group. Finally she stood directly in front of them. Still no one could see her face. Her clothes left a puddle forming around her feet. One of the bravest children stepped slightly forward. “Hello… can you hear us… what…what do you want from us” The girl stepped forward ever so slightly just close enough for them to hear her voice above the wind.

“I want my love back. Give him back to me.”

“S…sorry w...w...we can’t help you.” The figure moved closer yet again.

“I want my love back. Give him to me” She sounded desperate. The boldest of the five spoke.

“We can’t help you, now go away and leave us in peace.”

“Oh but you can.” Her head slowly moved she was looking at them showing her face. But something was wrong. Her eyes were a deep crimson in colour and her tongue forked like a snakes flicked in and out of her mouth in and out.


The children froze in shock as the girl pounced. “You are his grandchildren, do not lie to me. I will get my revenge on him for forgetting me.” The children struggled, but soon each of them hung limp and lifeless. As the figure heaped them up and carried them over to her boat. The boat that’s name was back in full. It spelt LONE TREE. The girl picked up her parasol and stepping into the boat. The water seemed to come up to the boat almost greeting it as it floated back into the water. Away through the mist, with the five children who were never to be seen again.


And so the disappearances restarted…




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